Past Month

Sunset & Cider Half

Running Route

13.06 mi
2,082 ft
Created By
Ken K

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Gold Street Not So Short Cut From Canal0.59 mi-79 ft-2.0%
Harlem Shake Hill0.06 mi23 ft5.5%
Get Up This Little Hump!0.16 mi66 ft4.8%
Western States Terrace Climb0.32 mi141 ft8.3%
WS Terrace climb to Robie Dr0.15 mi141 ft17.6%
Robie Point South Climb0.13 mi121 ft17.3%
Up & Over (Improved)0.38 mi131 ft0.7%
OldRailroad > WS cutoff0.13 mi131 ft17.7%
NO WALK Hill0.17 mi89 ft9.9%
Gold Trail Climb0.28 mi177 ft11.8%
Gold St Not-So Short Cut Towards Canal0.58 mi75 ft2.0%
Down, Under & Around the Overlook0.44 mi39 ft0.3%
BSB - Pacific UC to First Climb0.50 mi-118 ft-4.3%
PleasantAve>Canal Cutoff0.13 mi59 ft8.5%
Behind Vista Del Lago0.38 mi59 ft2.2%
Humpback hill0.32 mi-62 ft-3.1%
Cardiac Bypass [Fireroad Section] Descent0.35 mi-207 ft-11.2%
Unnamed Rd Climb0.37 mi167 ft8.4%
Cardia Bypass [Dirt Fireroad Section]0.36 mi223 ft11.6%
Happy Trail (Pioneer Express) NB0.35 mi-59 ft-2.4%