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Green Spin 20th May 2023

Cycling Route

105.5 km
1,562 m
Kilmac, Calary, Roundwood, Left in Roundwood heading for Moneystown, right before Moneystown, Loop around Trooperstown and Boot hill, Caution steep decent do not go ahead of leader if you are unsure of this route.. Bookey's bridge, Shay Elliott, Slieve maan, Aughavannagh, Aughrim, Ballinaclash, Rathdrum, Glenealy, Ashford, coffee in hog & hen, home N11..
Created By
Ian F

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Kilmac Roundabout to Enniskerry Turn-off1.65 km65 m3.6%
kilmac3.50 km176 m5.0%
Kilmac Climb to Sugarloaf car park4.09 km207 m5.0%
Calary Rd (Sugarloaf - 1st Half)1.25 km76 m6.1%
Calary Rd (sugarloaf)2.62 km156 m5.9%
Around the Sugarloaf2.33 km144 m6.2%
long hill from short cut turn2.02 km130 m6.4%
Calary Rd (Sugarloaf - 2nd Half)1.25 km84 m6.7%
Calary to Roundwood6.78 km-43 m-0.6%
Djouce Golf Club to Roundwood4.91 km-34 m-0.6%
Djouce GC to Roundwood4.10 km-30 m-0.7%
RoundWood Climb to Weston Gates0.54 km27 m4.9%
roundwood quick climb0.30 km17 m5.4%
Toms Creeper5.01 km89 m1.7%
Doyles Bank2.03 km52 m2.5%
Tropperstown Bianche1.76 km-106 m-4.9%
Ballard Bridge climb0.62 km22 m3.4%
Climb to shay3.75 km173 m4.6%
Shay Elliott & Slieve Maan Double15.27 km330 m0.4%
Shay Elliot Westwards4.57 km220 m4.8%
Unnamed Road Climb0.60 km35 m5.7%
SHAY- Hairpin - Summit3.35 km157 m4.7%
Shay Elliott Drumgoff - descent2.74 km-208 m-7.6%
Slieve Maan Heading South4.43 km331 m7.4%
Unnamed Rd Climb0.97 km84 m8.5%
Slievemane Westwards4.13 km323 m7.8%
Glenmalure- Aughavannagh7.16 km307 m0.8%
Slieve Mann Descent into Aughavannagh3.09 km-246 m-7.9%
R747 Climb1.37 km120 m8.7%
R753 Climb0.47 km96 m20.2%
Clash to Rathdrum climb1.81 km65 m3.5%
Rathdrum GAA Drag0.99 km26 m2.6%
Rathdrum - Bridge to Bridge Climb(East)0.98 km32 m2.9%
rathdrum hill0.52 km24 m4.1%
Rathdrum-Deputys Pass3.26 km-39 m-1.0%
Rathdrum - Kellys3.88 km-38 m-1.0%
Home Sprint 3km2.87 km-12 m-0.2%
Barnbawn-Glenealy2.02 km10 m0.1%
Glenealy -Ashford5.52 km-45 m-0.5%
Glenealy MTB TT4.18 km-28 m-0.3%
Ashford North Mile1.69 km16 m1.0%
Ashford to exit N115.52 km62 m1.1%
Cullenmore Interval1.68 km14 m0.8%
Test 3.72 km30 m0.6%
Applegreen Bite2.36 km26 m1.0%
Newcastle Turnoff to Woodstock Rd Turnoff1.45 km14 m0.8%
Newtown Sprinter Flat out0.35 km-7 m-1.7%
Quill Road Climb0.40 km115 m28.2%
Sprint for kilmac bridge Tue nights0.63 km-5 m-0.7%
sprint to bridge0.49 km3 m0.4%