GG Mellow 4

Cycling Route

32.54 mi
4,392 ft
Created By
Fletcher M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Revolution 90.95 mi568 ft11.3%
Number 91.42 mi797 ft10.6%
Number 9 Paved0.23 mi171 ft13.9%
9 to the Top2.21 mi997 ft8.5%
DiveBomb0.42 mi-233 ft-10.5%
Center Fayston Downhill1.68 mi-623 ft-7.0%
Airport Road (down)1.87 mi-315 ft-2.4%
North Road Climb2.47 mi459 ft3.4%
North Road - Meadow to Tremblay1.24 mi95 ft1.3%
North Road - Trembley to Waitsfield Common0.94 mi335 ft6.7%
Lincoln Gap - A1.51 mi377 ft4.7%
W Hill (bailout?!?)2.30 mi745 ft6.1%
Lincoln Brook Road Climb0.60 mi318 ft9.9%
Stony Hill Rd Climb0.69 mi364 ft9.9%
Dirt Dogs1.51 mi377 ft1.6%
W Hill from Lincoln Gap1.67 mi364 ft1.6%
Wang it in the big ring 0.76 mi-249 ft-6.2%
golf course rd S to N1.48 mi-180 ft-0.0%
Upper Mellon Connector Up0.25 mi89 ft6.6%