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Bartali Aspen Day 1 Short

Cycling Route

34.08 mi
2,297 ft
Start JCC, End W Hotel, Gravel bike recommended. Road bike acceptable.
Created By
Steve Denny / Santé Cycling

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Cemetary Lane DH Sprint0.97 mi-151 ft-2.9%
Slaughterhouse to Trentaz1.60 mi184 ft2.1%
Punch the clown0.33 mi79 ft4.0%
McLain Flats Down Valley4.24 mi-577 ft-1.6%
Boogie3.64 mi-374 ft-1.1%
Homie Don't Play That0.59 mi102 ft3.1%
Homie!! let’s play that2.04 mi-276 ft-2.5%
WJ Descent0.75 mi-322 ft-8.1%
Hunter's Last Ride1.22 mi220 ft3.4%
lenado climb4.61 mi610 ft2.5%
Bottom Woody Creek Rd. to Little Woody0.46 mi52 ft2.2%
Woody Creek to the Dirt4.40 mi577 ft2.5%
Little Woody Creek to Lenado7.37 mi1,040 ft2.7%
Little Woody to EOP4.08 mi525 ft2.4%
Lenado Climb 33.80 mi482 ft2.4%
Lenado Climb13.63 mi453 ft2.4%
Flying dog ranch to Leonardo townsite (dirt road) 5.10 mi823 ft3.0%
lenado climb last K0.85 mi197 ft4.4%
Woody Creek Rd Climb3.48 mi702 ft3.8%
BR to Tin Pot TH2.40 mi253 ft1.9%
Lenado to the Creek0.65 mi154 ft4.4%
Lenado closure gate to Little Woody7.89 mi-1,240 ft-3.0%
Lenado to Little Woody7.29 mi-1,007 ft-2.6%
Lenado Town to pavement descent3.36 mi-515 ft-2.9%
Lenado Descent4.34 mi-597 ft-2.6%
EOP to Little Woody 3.89 mi-512 ft-2.5%
Lenado Descent 32.91 mi-328 ft-2.1%
Rio Grande - stop to stop0.88 mi105 ft2.2%
Rio Grande - stop to stop0.88 mi105 ft2.2%
Rio Grande - stop to stop0.88 mi105 ft2.2%
Rio Grande Dirt Section Upvalley2.44 mi59 ft0.4%
Rio Grande - Cemetery Rd to Town1.65 mi112 ft1.3%
Rio Grande: Cemetery to trail0.46 mi33 ft1.4%