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spicy pali 7.29 // update

Cycling Route

20.67 mi
1,523 ft
Created By
kelsey smith ❕

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
th Street Climb0.54 mi335 ft11.6%
Entrada Drive Drop0.28 mi-118 ft-7.8%
Amalfi -- Switchbacks to Sunset2.01 mi272 ft1.3%
Amalfi to Riviera2.57 mi486 ft3.5%
Amalfi - Channel to Sunset1.43 mi266 ft3.3%
Amalfi from E Channel to Upper Mesa0.52 mi118 ft3.9%
1st retopix0.20 mi30 ft2.5%
AMALFI - Channel to Sunset1.48 mi262 ft3.3%
Extended Amalfi2.58 mi489 ft3.6%
Amalfi Climb with bend0.17 mi39 ft4.3%
push past the flat0.22 mi75 ft6.4%
Amalfi Climb0.10 mi36 ft6.9%
Upper Mesa to Sunset0.94 mi154 ft3.1%
Amalfi saddle to Toulon0.81 mi105 ft2.4%
Cloud 9 - Ravoli to Sorrento0.80 mi161 ft3.8%
Amalfi kicks up0.31 mi95 ft5.8%
Alta Mura Climb0.41 mi171 ft7.9%
San Remo Down0.84 mi-190 ft-4.2%
Amalfi Coast1.07 mi-236 ft-4.2%
Zoom0.61 mi-128 ft-3.9%
A Quick Visit to Will Rogers1.60 mi69 ft0.5%
Will Rogers Service Road Switchbacks0.58 mi141 ft4.6%
Zig Zag Tail Wag 0.46 mi125 ft5.1%
Roger and Out II0.73 mi-197 ft-5.1%
Villa View Dr to Sunset 0.48 mi-164 ft-6.4%
Rustic1.25 mi-187 ft-2.8%
The Old Eton Backdoor0.58 mi108 ft3.5%
OceanWiggle0.53 mi105 ft3.7%
Mabery0.21 mi30 ft2.7%
Upper Old Etonian climb0.14 mi46 ft5.9%
need to find another way home0.19 mi52 ft5.3%
Upper Etonian to the turn0.12 mi39 ft6.2%
Upper Old Etonian Climb0.07 mi23 ft5.7%
SV to Washington via Ocean0.67 mi-49 ft-1.4%
SV to Colorado1.29 mi-92 ft-1.4%
1st - Montana Via Ocean0.35 mi-33 ft-1.6%
Cruising Santa Monica by Ocean Av.1.84 mi-112 ft-1.1%
SV to Montana via Ocean0.41 mi-36 ft-1.6%
Georgina to Palisades : Ocean Ave Sprint0.27 mi-26 ft-1.8%
Georgina to Alta : Ocean Ave Sprint0.19 mi-20 ft-1.9%
Clusterf**k0.25 mi-10 ft-0.7%
Barnard Way South0.64 mi-10 ft-0.0%
Speedie Barnard0.52 mi10 ft0.2%
Dudley's Sprint Southbound0.36 mi13 ft0.4%
parkin0.12 mi-3 ft-0.3%
Barnard Way Sprint Southbound0.17 mi0 ft0.0%
VelodroneSprint0.24 mi23 ft1.2%