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Bartali Day 2 Short

Cycling Route

37.2 mi
2,996 ft
Start JCC, Finish Mawa’s. Gravel bike recommended, road bike acceptable.
Created By
Steve Denny / Santé Cycling

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Cemetary Lane DH Sprint0.97 mi-151 ft-2.9%
Cemetery Ln to WCT6.28 mi-545 ft-1.5%
Slaughterhouse to Trentaz1.60 mi184 ft2.1%
Punch the clown0.33 mi79 ft4.0%
Boogie3.64 mi-374 ft-1.1%
Homie Don't Play That0.59 mi102 ft3.1%
Homie!! let’s play that2.04 mi-276 ft-2.5%
Rio Grande Trail Climb0.31 mi292 ft17.7%
Lower River Road Climb0.46 mi394 ft16.0%
Snowmass Creek to Dirt6.97 mi1,148 ft3.1%
Snowmass Creek Rd Climb1.13 mi633 ft10.6%
Conoco to Sopris/Snowmass Creek intersection1.71 mi217 ft2.4%
Conoco climb1.70 mi210 ft2.3%
Sopris/Snowmass Creek int. to Watson Divide1.25 mi138 ft2.1%
Snowmass Creek Rd5.20 mi820 ft3.0%
Turnoff to Bridge (Partial Gravel)8.86 mi1,158 ft2.4%
Snowmass Creek Rd Climb2.30 mi495 ft4.0%
Flight of the Bumblebee5.74 mi948 ft3.1%
Snowmass Rd (Start of dirt) to Divide Parking Lot Entrance5.62 mi896 ft3.0%
Snowmass Creek Rd Climb0.88 mi285 ft6.1%
Backside of Snowmass1.61 mi597 ft7.0%
Chairlift Crossing to Top1.02 mi410 ft7.3%
Divide SS to SS Descent0.90 mi-322 ft-6.7%
2019 Power of Four - paved descent to Rim.0.80 mi-279 ft-6.5%
Doggie Downhill1.89 mi-663 ft-6.6%
Owl Creek Rd - Parking Lot Sprint0.38 mi138 ft6.7%
Owl Creek Rd Climb0.65 mi272 ft7.8%
bike path downhill YEE HAW2.43 mi-558 ft-4.3%
time for some moto gp0.35 mi-108 ft-5.7%