Wheels 2023 25km Route

Cycling Route

26.13 km
145 m
Created By
Mike Podolsky

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
10 Side Rd. - 4th to 3rd!!!1.22 km-17 m-1.0%
10SR Big kicker0.66 km8 m0.3%
The 5 Side - 3rd to Regional 25 WB1.33 km6 m0.5%
New Tremaine Bump1.37 km16 m0.4%
Old Tremaine Bypass 1.43 km16 m0.1%
New Tremaine kicker to Derry4.37 km-40 m-0.7%
New Tremaine South to Main2.90 km-21 m-0.1%
Tremaine , how slow can you go?3.91 km-38 m-0.6%
New Tremaine stop to 14SR2.16 km17 m0.3%
Only 500 Meters to steels0.50 km7 m0.6%
Steeles Ave to Derry via Tremaine3.04 km-30 m-1.0%
Tremaine - Steeles to Main Sprint1.51 km-5 m-0.3%
Sprint to the corner0.30 km-2 m-0.7%