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Green Spin 24/6/23

Cycling Route

83.71 km
1,045 m
Created By
Ian M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
IC TT Out5.38 km-39 m-0.4%
Kilmac Bridge to Willow Grove - going south5.14 km-40 m-0.2%
Col de Kilcroney2.25 km-12 m-0.2%
Kilcroney Drag2.16 km-11 m-0.2%
Kilquaid Crusade1.40 km-26 m-1.9%
Speed Sign Sprint0.29 km3 m0.4%
Black Ditch Double Kilo South Bound2.60 km-8 m-0.0%
Killoughter E-W1.49 km33 m1.1%
Gate Lodge Kicker0.41 km19 m4.6%
Junction to nunsX Junction2.76 km-62 m-1.5%
Ride to Base Camp at the Crow1.25 km50 m4.0%
The Devils Nose3.60 km126 m3.5%
Aghowle cr to cr3.59 km126 m3.5%
Ballycullen xr-aghowle forest2.36 km86 m3.6%
Slanlough junction to junction 1.65 km16 m0.7%
Carneys corners1.61 km-36 m-1.7%
Glenmacnass full climb from Laragh9.52 km291 m3.0%
Laragh to Enniskerry via waterfall 37.21 km-419 m-0.1%
Laragh to Kippure turn23.39 km374 m1.6%
Laragh to Sally Gap North9.37 km293 m3.1%
The Long Drag Laragh to Sallygap Crossroads19.48 km361 m1.9%
Sally Gap from Laragh19.47 km348 m1.8%
waterfall climb7.72 km226 m2.9%
restaurant at laragh to waterfall7.08 km192 m2.7%
Sally Gap North Full Length18.91 km332 m1.8%
laragh to liam horner21.96 km300 m0.6%
Elivar - Challenge 35+2.47 km118 m4.7%
Glenmacnass - the steep bit1.61 km101 m6.2%
Glenmacnass (N)3.77 km193 m5.1%
Glenmacnass Carpark to Sally Gap11.84 km148 m1.1%
Drummin to Sally Gap crossroads10.03 km105 m0.6%
Old Military top section 9.70 km108 m0.6%
Old Military top section 9.70 km108 m0.6%
Sally Gap after waterfall climb8.09 km100 m1.2%
Up Sally - Oasis to Cross Roads7.88 km106 m1.3%
May the wind be at your back to the gap7.47 km95 m1.3%
Sally gap crossroads to kippure turn3.59 km36 m0.8%
Kippure Gate to Enniskerry via Glencree13.87 km-454 m-3.3%
Kippure Gate - House descent2.64 km-144 m-5.4%
SallyGap Descent2.29 km-144 m-6.3%
Cowabunga!1.81 km-135 m-7.5%
Glencree to Enniskerry10.09 km-282 m-2.8%
Glencree to Curtlestown descent7.65 km-165 m-2.2%
Glencree Visitor Centre to Enniskerry descent9.57 km-274 m-2.9%
Glencree to Kilmolin descent7.76 km-172 m-2.2%
Curtlestown Lower Climb0.34 km11 m2.3%
Ronnies Hill0.32 km9 m2.6%
Reasonable Kilmolin descent2.08 km-124 m-5.9%
Enniskerry approach via Kilgarron0.46 km-42 m-9.1%
Kilgarron Hill descent0.56 km-59 m-10.5%