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Ayrshire Alps: 40% gravel

Cycling Route

104.87 km
1,710 m
Created By
Bob Cherry

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Cote de Drumdow2.16 km80 m3.7%
Ayrshire Alp - Drumdow3.03 km117 m3.8%
Drumdow Road3.09 km114 m3.5%
A77 Climb2.16 km99 m4.6%
Drummuck Rise2.64 km43 m1.6%
The real Drumskin Burn2.09 km29 m1.4%
Farmers Dip Descent0.87 km-40 m-4.5%
Farmers Dip Ascent0.76 km46 m6.1%
Ayrshire Alp - Blackie's Brae4.62 km154 m3.3%
Penkill to Penwhapple3.48 km110 m3.2%
Back for breakfast0.34 km82 m23.8%
Down The Screws3.20 km-94 m-2.9%
Changue Anti clockwise Climb5.26 km218 m4.1%
Changue Uphill struggle5.04 km208 m4.1%
Changue Road Climb2.45 km83 m3.4%
Changue to the Aldina road, Via the Nic. For CX/MTB4.54 km150 m1.7%
Carrick Forest Drive7.52 km-98 m-1.3%
Ups and Doons of Gaw Glen1.93 km29 m1.4%
B741 Climb2.39 km98 m4.1%
Down past Largs1.44 km-97 m-6.7%
Straiton to B7023 Junction6.66 km-128 m-0.9%
Straiton hill1.11 km46 m4.0%
ARCC league event 4 - segment 14.22 km-78 m-0.3%
Straiton hill to Cloyntie3.37 km-91 m-2.7%
Blairquhan to Cloyntie2.69 km-59 m-2.2%
Kilkerran0.53 km22 m4.1%
Straiton Struggle - Roan of Craigoch Climb0.35 km13 m3.7%
Ayrshire Alp - Kilgrammie2.05 km89 m4.3%
steep bit past the turbine0.71 km40 m5.6%
Ayrshire Alps Last Gasp Dash!4.98 km-120 m-2.1%