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D2 A : ADL > NP > LSW > GRGE > CRK > NTN > ADL 107 km / 2,067m

Cycling Route

106.3 km
2,067 m
Created By
goodnessgravel & twowheeltours

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Windy Point Climb3.60 km203 m5.6%
Windy Point Lookout to Belair1.65 km121 m7.3%
Saddle Hill Steep Section 1.53 km123 m8.0%
Sheoak Heartbreak Section0.62 km62 m9.8%
Crafers-Lofty Climb2.34 km125 m5.1%
Killer Crunch0.16 km18 m10.9%
Mt Lofty Summit Descent3.08 km-97 m-3.0%
Deviation Road Full..4.28 km90 m0.5%
Cudlee Creek and The Hills of Truth9.02 km-70 m-0.3%
The Hills of Truth3.67 km-70 m-0.8%
The CannonBall Run (no pedalling allowed)1.79 km-111 m-6.1%
Corkscrew Road2.50 km223 m8.9%
Santos Tour Down Under Challenge: Corkscrew Road2.35 km200 m8.2%
Corkscrew steep bit1.01 km112 m11.0%
hell climb1.43 km137 m10.1%
Corkscrew - the switchbacks0.32 km23 m0.6%
Corkscrew to CFS1.46 km-110 m-7.5%
Montacute Rd from Corkscrew - DH5.24 km-234 m-4.5%
Montacute DH - CFS to 60kmh sign3.10 km-117 m-3.8%
Go your hardest!!!0.42 km-19 m-4.6%
Norton - 2nd 500mtrs0.48 km27 m5.6%
ACAD girls grind!1.91 km107 m5.6%
Norton 1stk1.02 km54 m5.2%
Norton - 3rd 500mtrs0.53 km28 m5.2%
Norton - 4th 500mtrs0.50 km29 m5.8%
Norton Summit - Middle 2km1.89 km102 m5.4%
Norton 1st Switch0.28 km15 m5.3%
Norton top half4.05 km204 m4.5%
Norton - 6th 500mtrs0.56 km34 m6.0%
Norton 2nd Switch0.23 km14 m5.8%
Ridgeland Dr Climb0.95 km100 m10.4%
Norton - 7th 500mtrs0.50 km56 m11.2%
Norton - 8th 500mtrs0.52 km-38 m-4.6%
Norton 3rd Switch0.67 km31 m4.6%
Sprint to Teringie0.36 km-28 m-5.9%
Norton Summit - Last 1.5km1.44 km59 m4.1%
Norton - 9th 500mtrs0.50 km52 m10.2%
Norton - 10th 500mtrs0.42 km31 m7.3%
Last 700 mtrs to the Oak tree0.72 km25 m3.4%
Through the trail walkers' car park0.40 km24 m4.3%
Final Sprint to the Oak Tree0.46 km17 m3.6%
Sprint to the Oak tree then keep it going to the crest!0.97 km28 m1.6%
Just when you thought it was over..1.76 km34 m1.5%
Oak tree to crest0.59 km20 m1.8%
Cresting!0.20 km7 m3.1%
Norton - last 1km to township1.01 km-30 m-0.5%
short climb to Woods Hill Rd0.21 km16 m7.4%
Woods Hill Rd - Full1.86 km77 m4.1%
Greenhill Rd fastlane4.67 km-300 m-6.4%
Greenhill Screamer6.98 km-473 m-6.8%