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Aylesbeare - Ottery - Clyst St Lawrence

Cycling Route

56.48 km
651 m
This is a Saturday social route
Created By
Exeter Wheelers

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Wyvern to Wear1.72 km-13 m-0.0%
crem to lights0.52 km12 m1.6%
Get some momentum 0.22 km13 m5.6%
Lights To Roundabout0.47 km-2 m-0.3%
Topsham road0.61 km-6 m-1.0%
Topsham Road2.19 km-15 m-0.6%
Denver to Caravans2.86 km14 m0.0%
Lucky Lights2.28 km-15 m-0.6%
Lucky Lights0.53 km-4 m-0.1%
ClystStMaryBoobs1.87 km23 m0.3%
uphill sprint0.44 km18 m4.1%
Bash The Bishop. 0.36 km21 m5.5%
Fast those dogs will be over the wall0.46 km16 m2.1%
8==D - - - 4.97 km76 m1.5%
Off the bridge Up to the Junction (safe)5.63 km97 m1.6%
marwood climb2.79 km58 m2.1%
Devbow climb1.60 km46 m2.9%
1/4 MILE LANE TO TOP2.01 km24 m1.2%
Dip to Tip1.31 km21 m1.0%
Oak Road to West Hill0.34 km-7 m-1.9%
west hill drop3.09 km-66 m-2.1%
Dip Dash West Hill Road0.10 km3 m1.2%
Down from West Hill1.47 km-38 m-2.6%
Lower Broad Oak Road Climb0.55 km99 m18.0%
One way dash0.25 km9 m3.7%
OSM Short Sharp Climb0.32 km15 m3.7%
Butts Hill0.43 km-12 m-2.7%
The missing link north east0.35 km2 m0.3%
Fenny Bridge Sprint2.89 km19 m0.5%
Talewater Climb0.77 km46 m5.8%
Aunk Jaunt1.85 km-39 m-1.8%
Westwood Express2.86 km-14 m-0.1%
Nasty Nap0.72 km16 m2.3%
Broadclyst Dash1.28 km-16 m-1.2%
DogVilliageSprint0.31 km12 m4.0%
Broadclyst Junction to West Clyst1.49 km14 m0.3%
A Dog to a Hoe2.38 km35 m0.8%
Hawkins to Park Lane0.43 km22 m4.4%
Straight outta Pinhoe0.91 km10 m0.6%
To the village0.55 km-9 m-1.3%
Shops to Beacon Lane0.54 km-7 m-0.9%
Polsloe Bridge to St John's0.77 km30 m3.9%
Barrack Osprinter2.20 km-43 m-1.9%
Park Road to the lights0.69 km5 m0.1%
Hospital Fly by0.52 km-15 m-2.9%
Barrack Road - Lights to Lights0.50 km-11 m-2.2%
samonpool drop0.20 km-7 m-3.4%
Dog dodge reverse0.16 km-1 m-0.4%
Flood Defence Channel 0.80 km3 m0.3%