BBBC 2023 Gravel

Cycling Route

181.08 mi
13,947 ft
Created By
Andrew Talansky

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
dog valley road bump0.33 mi102 ft5.8%
Dog Valley North, Old Reno Road to Russell Valley3.02 mi-253 ft-0.9%
DV Rd from Old Reno Rd. to Stampede Dam Rd.7.40 mi315 ft0.5%
DV DH to RV1.70 mi-230 ft-2.5%
Russel Valley Turn-Off->Stampede2.85 mi312 ft1.8%
Dirty Dog Section1.82 mi230 ft2.4%
Dog Valley Rd Climb1.78 mi318 ft3.4%
Dirt turnaround back to turnoff2.50 mi95 ft0.5%
Inbound Dam Kicker0.17 mi59 ft6.3%
Outbound Train1.93 mi-108 ft-0.6%
Bumpy3.19 mi112 ft0.3%
Bumpy Up1.04 mi95 ft1.8%
Bumpy High Valley Stretch1.68 mi62 ft0.5%
Full Henness climb westbound, Sardine Valley to top3.74 mi653 ft3.3%
Henness Pass Westbound from Smithneck Rd6.95 mi659 ft0.5%
Through the Meadow1.54 mi184 ft2.2%
Henness climb to cattle grate1.75 mi381 ft4.1%
Henness Pass Road Climb1.10 mi272 ft4.7%
Full Henness Pass West1.67 mi407 ft4.6%
Henness full descent to 893.20 mi-486 ft-2.9%
Down Henness1.19 mi-371 ft-5.9%
Yuba Pass from Jackson Meadows Rd2.63 mi810 ft5.8%
Yuba Pass Road (Webber to Hwy. 50)16.67 mi-988 ft-0.2%
Yuba Pass Road Climb1.66 mi394 ft4.5%
Down to Sheeps camp1.70 mi-338 ft-3.2%
L&F19 First Climb (re-route)6.93 mi1,824 ft5.0%
L&F19 First Climb Part 13.21 mi499 ft2.7%
L&F19 First Climb Part 23.46 mi1,309 ft7.1%
L&F19 dh13.23 mi-577 ft-3.4%
Lower Smith Peak Descent3.17 mi-554 ft-3.3%
Threemile Rock Descent1.40 mi-394 ft-5.3%
L&F19 Second Climb (re-route)2.38 mi725 ft5.7%
L&F19 dh21.64 mi-295 ft-3.4%
L&F19 24N54 Climb1.54 mi364 ft4.3%
L&F19 dh34.50 mi-1,135 ft-4.8%
Cattle Guard Sprint1.29 mi33 ft0.4%
Dotta Canyon (Fun Part)3.58 mi-135 ft-0.7%
L&F Sixth Climb3.28 mi410 ft2.2%
Beckwourth-Genesee Rd Descent1.25 mi-410 ft-6.1%
Smithneck to 89 via Bear Valley & Cottonwood11.66 mi1,312 ft1.7%
Bear Valley Climb6.05 mi1,263 ft4.0%
Sierra Butter4.09 mi-318 ft-0.8%
Old Fibreboard South6.23 mi141 ft0.0%
Alder Creek South Climb0.67 mi230 ft6.5%