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tour de femme mild // rad women 8.26

Cycling Route

17.82 mi
856 ft
Created By
kelsey smith ❕

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Shamador Hill0.17 mi46 ft4.8%
th Street Climb0.54 mi335 ft11.6%
19th to 26th0.49 mi36 ft1.3%
La Grange Tuesday sprint finish0.23 mi16 ft1.2%
Trying to make the light0.26 mi20 ft1.5%
The Mandi approach - lining up for the climb0.15 mi59 ft7.1%
Mandeville/Chalon (to Westridge)2.23 mi348 ft2.9%
mandeville-home1.56 mi213 ft2.6%
Feelin Real Good0.61 mi85 ft2.6%
Mandeville - Kimberly to Chalon1.03 mi138 ft2.5%
Mandeville | Oakmont to Rivers0.21 mi26 ft2.3%
Chalon West0.39 mi39 ft1.6%
Westridge Long Cut up and down1.76 mi-308 ft-1.7%
Chalon - Mandeville to West Ridge0.61 mi135 ft4.2%
Chalon - black mailbox to Westridge0.32 mi102 ft6.0%
Westridge, Chalon to Mandeville1.09 mi-279 ft-4.7%
Westridge Descent (final S curve)0.63 mi-243 ft-7.3%
Sunset Sprint off Mande0.19 mi33 ft2.8%
Sunset kick in the head0.16 mi33 ft3.5%
S Rockingham DH0.55 mi-62 ft-2.1%
Don't Worry, Just Put Your Keys in the Jar...0.70 mi-75 ft-2.0%
Esparta to 9th Sprint0.26 mi-36 ft-2.6%
Esparta to 7th Sprint0.39 mi-52 ft-2.5%
Hipster Kinney Reverse0.68 mi-3 ft-0.1%
Venice - Kinney to Lincoln0.63 mi13 ft0.4%