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Montecito Mash - MTB Segment (2023 Course Change)

Mountain Biking Trail

15.56 mi
2,090 ft
Due to Romero closure we are coming down Cold Springs Trail this year.
Created By
Patrick M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
No Shooting to Flores Flats2.20 mi846 ft7.3%
Gibraltar, Upper Mid-section0.86 mi367 ft8.1%
Giddy Up!1.66 mi686 ft7.8%
Gibraltar Horshoe to Flores Flats1.97 mi784 ft7.5%
No Shooting to end of ocean views2.40 mi1,138 ft9.0%
Last 3 of Gibraltar : 2nd half3.25 mi1,460 ft8.5%
Upper Gibraltar Road3.24 mi1,411 ft8.2%
Fast Bit0.95 mi381 ft7.4%
Sprint to Flores Flat0.22 mi79 ft6.7%
Final 1.5 mi push on Gibraltar Climb1.55 mi781 ft9.5%
Flores Flat -> Rattlesnake Park0.60 mi354 ft11.2%
Gibraltar Last butt kicker to Camino Cielo1.37 mi725 ft10.0%
Flores Flat to ECC1.32 mi679 ft9.7%
Last 1.3 miles Gibraltar 1.31 mi705 ft9.7%
The Wall0.45 mi233 ft9.6%
Gib Home Run0.18 mi102 ft10.3%
E Camino Cielo Climb0.61 mi171 ft4.3%
Gib to CS, via ECC3.59 mi-367 ft-0.3%
To the Pad1.16 mi207 ft3.3%
Cold Springs DH Top Down4.50 mi-2,644 ft-11.1%
Montecito Peak DH2.82 mi-1,749 ft-11.7%
ECC to the Tree1.72 mi-935 ft-10.2%
That SB Flow Trail1.32 mi-505 ft-7.1%
which way do I go, which way do I go3.26 mi-1,972 ft-11.4%
Cold Springs ECC to HS cutoff2.57 mi-1,522 ft-10.9%
Gibraltar fire closure down4.02 mi-2,365 ft-11.1%
Cold Springs Tree to HS cutoff1.11 mi-778 ft-13.2%
last switchback down2.00 mi-1,211 ft-11.4%
yee yee yee0.65 mi-479 ft-13.0%
Rocky Road0.09 mi-56 ft-5.8%
RR & SS0.27 mi-240 ft-14.4%
top of shortcut down1.83 mi-1,142 ft-11.5%
Smooth Sailin'0.16 mi-171 ft-19.5%
Backside to second crossing 0.87 mi-554 ft-11.4%
Fire road to the first creek crossing 0.72 mi-404 ft-10.6%
Cold Springs DH -fire rd to Y junction0.32 mi-233 ft-13.6%
Cold Springs Lower1.50 mi-883 ft-11.1%
West Fork Rock Garden DH0.23 mi-118 ft-9.4%
East Mountain down from Cold Springs trailhead0.57 mi-177 ft-5.8%
Cold Springs to Riven Rock0.81 mi-177 ft-2.3%
Ashley to Riven Rock0.19 mi66 ft6.4%
Wheeeee0.46 mi-131 ft-5.1%
Full San Ysidro Downhill1.65 mi-335 ft-3.8%
san ysidro road 192 to 1010.92 mi-141 ft-2.9%