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NBB- Hahamongna Watershed Park

Running Route

14.88 mi
2,313 ft
Created By
Caryn Panec

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Trailhead to Brown Mountain Y0.60 mi79 ft2.3%
Ken Burton Loop via El Prieto11.93 mi1,765 ft0.0%
El Prieto/Brown Incline2.56 mi1,181 ft8.7%
Brown vi el prieto5.28 mi1,594 ft5.7%
El Prieto Entire Climb1.61 mi705 ft8.3%
El prieto - single track to first saddle2.65 mi1,060 ft7.6%
El Prieto Climb to Picnic Table1.03 mi417 ft7.6%
El Prieto Canyon Trail Climb0.67 mi322 ft9.0%
The Hard Part1.33 mi535 ft7.6%
El Prieto Canyon Trail Climb0.34 mi200 ft11.0%
Fern Truck Trail Climb0.79 mi390 ft9.3%
Saddle2Saddle - Up2.71 mi482 ft3.3%
Fern Truck to Ken Burton Saddle ascent2.66 mi502 ft3.6%
Fern Truck Trail Climb0.27 mi151 ft10.6%
Brown Mountain Rd Climb0.74 mi266 ft6.8%
Ken Burton Descent2.18 mi-1,020 ft-8.4%
Rock n Roll Descent2.12 mi-1,076 ft-9.4%
The Gab Up the Backside of the Dam0.22 mi167 ft14.5%
Paul Little 2 Gould Mesa1.65 mi-276 ft-3.1%
Gabrieleno Dam down to Nasa parking3.33 mi-548 ft-3.1%
Nino2JPL2.75 mi-394 ft-2.7%
Gould Mesa Camp road branch to Brown Mountain branch1.28 mi-217 ft-3.2%
Campground to Watering Hole1.14 mi-203 ft-3.3%
Dodging Horse Poo0.23 mi-46 ft-3.6%