Zoo Park Newlands Ravine Blockhouse 14kms

Trail Running Route

14.2 km
823 m
Created By
Margaret M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Rhodes Memorial St Climb0.79 km70 m8.7%
Rhodes Memorial Street Climb0.34 km50 m14.5%
Woodcutters to top of N.Ravine1.50 km509 m33.8%
Rhodes Memorial St Climb0.67 km124 m18.4%
Woodcutters-Newlands Ravine0.43 km111 m25.3%
Up Newlands Ravine from contour path to top1.04 km406 m39.0%
Newlands Ravine climb from contour path1.08 km394 m36.5%
Top of Newlands Ravine to Saddle Rock Turn0.50 km-86 m-17.1%
Oppels Down0.90 km-139 m-15.4%
Fat Ladies Crossing to Kings Blockhouse1.54 km-24 m-0.4%
TNT: Fat Ladies Crossing > Block House1.53 km65 m3.9%
Single Track Glory1.34 km-22 m-1.1%
Devil's Waist (W to E)1.09 km26 m1.7%
Tafelberg Rd Climb0.31 km57 m18.0%
Blockhouse Descent1.06 km-103 m-9.6%
Freestyle - West to East0.64 km-39 m-3.5%
Front Half Freestyle East - West0.43 km12 m2.5%
Cruising1.56 km-77 m-5.0%
Jeep Track Sprint1.43 km-49 m-3.2%
Rhodes Memorial Street Climb0.40 km43 m10.7%
Plumpudding Down0.88 km-110 m-9.9%
Plumpudding Flying Down 0.65 km-85 m-13.1%
UTCT Rock Garden0.31 km-37 m-11.8%
Rocks and porcupines descent1.06 km-98 m-8.9%
Rhodes Mem Str singletrack downhill0.79 km-59 m-7.3%
dam to road singletrack descent0.35 km-16 m-3.9%