2023 Man Against Horse 50 mile race

Running Route

47.09 mi
7,284 ft
Created By
James B

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Unnamed Road Climb1.56 mi269 ft3.2%
Unnamed Road Climb1.32 mi318 ft4.5%
Unnamed Road Climb0.27 mi157 ft10.7%
Unnamed Road Climb0.27 mi164 ft11.2%
Forest Road 104 Climb0.29 mi164 ft10.7%
Man Against Horse 50 - CP4 to CP69.74 mi-955 ft-1.7%
Man Against Horse 50 - Mingus Climb2.96 mi1,686 ft10.7%
Trail 106 Climb0.86 mi689 ft15.1%
Man Against Horse 50 - CP7 to CP83.95 mi-1,020 ft-4.7%