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Wormhole 100K++

Cycling Route

68.14 mi
11,307 ft
Start and end with FS765
Created By
Jeremy R

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Midnights1.86 mi344 ft3.5%
State Route 765 Climb1.83 mi358 ft3.7%
Seggy within a Seggy: Meet me at Midnight0.54 mi125 ft4.3%
cornelius creekside down to kiosk1.63 mi-810 ft-9.4%
Grassy Fire Road Rollers to Pine Ridge Downhill2.62 mi374 ft0.8%
Up, down, Up1.83 mi384 ft2.6%
Pine Ridge Full Ride4.32 mi-1,296 ft-4.5%
Pine Ridge Downhill2.59 mi-1,355 ft-9.8%
Appalachian Trail Climb1.74 mi827 ft9.0%
Cove Mountain Trail Climb1.55 mi807 ft9.4%
GHT from Cove Mtn to Waterfall Trail0.88 mi-315 ft-6.4%
GHT from Cove to Little Cove4.13 mi433 ft0.2%
GHT Cove Mtn to grass0.86 mi-318 ft-6.4%
GHT Little Cove A's Final Climb2.27 mi312 ft2.3%
RSMTB Stage 4 - Arcadia17.53 mi-1,955 ft-0.2%
State Route 620 Climb2.92 mi1,020 ft6.6%
Middle Creek Climb to GHT Gate4.66 mi1,562 ft6.3%
Middle Creek to GHT4.31 mi1,549 ft6.8%
Middle Creek Gut Punch4.45 mi1,562 ft6.6%
Full Chestnut DH2.37 mi-1,457 ft-11.6%
Middle Creek DH (singletrack)0.77 mi-623 ft-15.1%
Up to Wormhole2.18 mi784 ft6.8%
Wormhole0.54 mi-249 ft-8.7%
GHT Downhill to 6181.66 mi-561 ft-6.4%
Yellowstone Road Climb0.92 mi384 ft7.9%
Fire road from 618 to Cove mtn downhill1.94 mi538 ft4.1%
Little Cove Mtn Downhill1.75 mi-741 ft-7.9%
North Creek Paved Climb2.78 mi331 ft2.3%
North Creek Campground to Parker's Gap3.68 mi988 ft5.1%
Forest Road 768 Climb0.80 mi322 ft7.5%
768 south side2.52 mi945 ft7.0%
Thomas Mountain Rd. Climb2.71 mi892 ft6.2%
Parker's Gap Pull 2.18 mi541 ft4.7%