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PAA CSR - Hollywood Sign - Nov. 2023

Cycling Route

49.24 mi
4,132 ft
Created By
Jeremiah Klashorst

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
The Arroyo Hill Kicker0.18 mi56 ft5.5%
Colorado > Madeline (Arroyo)1.40 mi-89 ft-1.1%
Bridge Attack0.43 mi30 ft1.2%
Colorado Bridge to Closure Gate0.76 mi26 ft0.6%
HR Sprint0.73 mi13 ft0.2%
Golden Spring Finish0.24 mi7 ft0.5%
Travel Town Traveling0.90 mi33 ft0.4%
Coco's Official Trash Truck0.70 mi230 ft6.2%
Griffith Park Hill Climb Bottom to Top3.14 mi846 ft5.0%
Trash Truck 1st Half0.35 mi72 ft3.8%
Trains, Telescopes, Trails (Cafe that is)7.22 mi843 ft0.3%
Travel Town to Vista Del Valle climb3.41 mi830 ft4.6%
Mt Hollywood (First Part Gate to Gate)2.63 mi620 ft4.4%
Mt. Hollywood (first half)1.29 mi253 ft3.6%
Mt. Hollywood attack0.21 mi115 ft7.0%
Mt. Hollywood Valley Side- first part0.62 mi203 ft5.9%
Mount Hollywood Gate to Gate4.08 mi627 ft1.4%
TeamBrinton - Griffith, Trash Attack, Water Tower (START 2nd R after Water T, FINISH top) 0.15 mi43 ft5.1%
Corner to corner0.62 mi62 ft1.3%
Royce to Cathy’s Corner1.17 mi243 ft3.9%
The Tarmackintosh0.24 mi59 ft4.7%
The Three Bastards0.26 mi125 ft9.0%
Mt. Hollywood Descent1.43 mi-302 ft-3.9%
Corners up!0.32 mi-23 ft-1.1%
Observatory loop (clockwise)0.85 mi118 ft0.0%
Observatory Climb (West)0.26 mi95 ft6.8%
Observatory - final hill0.26 mi82 ft5.9%
Descend! Observatory to Trails2.15 mi-512 ft-4.5%
Western Canyon/Fern Dell Descent1.14 mi-266 ft-4.4%
Hollywood Sign - Beechwood to the Top2.09 mi981 ft8.8%
Ledgewood Deronda two punch climb0.83 mi417 ft9.5%
Deronda Dr Climb0.76 mi358 ft8.9%
Mt Lee access road, gate-to-gate1.20 mi443 ft7.0%
Not Mt Lee0.10 mi46 ft8.6%
Hollywood Sign from Mulholland Hwy to Top0.85 mi446 ft9.8%
Hollywood Sign (from the steep bit)0.77 mi394 ft9.7%
Sign to Mulholl0.86 mi-443 ft-9.7%
Ledgewood (Rockcliff to Mulholland)0.17 mi102 ft11.1%
Hollywood Reservoir Hill0.27 mi151 ft10.5%
Barham (Lake Hollywood to Forest Lawn)0.75 mi-187 ft-4.6%
Ride That Pony - Neeeehheee1.93 mi-52 ft-0.4%
Riverside Dr, B Vista to Victory1.89 mi-46 ft-0.5%
Winchester Avenue Climb0.30 mi302 ft18.7%
Riverside to Glenoaks on Sonora 0.91 mi59 ft1.2%
SF to Glenoaks0.21 mi33 ft3.0%
Cedarhill Rd Climb0.45 mi315 ft13.3%
Chevy Chase - Glenoaks to Linda Vista2.09 mi295 ft2.7%
Chevy 1 Mile Sprint1.14 mi141 ft2.2%
Chevy Chase - Linda Vista2.54 mi571 ft4.3%
Linda Vista from Chevy to Fig0.97 mi344 ft6.4%