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DV Send Hill via Ripley

Cycling Route

40.78 km
306 m
Created By
David M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Esher Lights-Cobham5.49 km-25 m-0.3%
Esher Hills3.09 km-21 m-0.1%
Waitrose Esher to Upper Court2.71 km-19 m-0.4%
Wait to Round5.22 km-28 m-0.5%
Claremont to Just over A32.34 km16 m0.2%
Sprint to the flyover0.24 km6 m2.4%
M25 Fly over to Anyards Rd1.85 km-21 m-1.0%
ACS school to Cobham 1.87 km-21 m-1.0%
Farmille Lane to Elveden road0.58 km-7 m-1.2%
Fairmile to Cobham1.16 km-16 m-1.3%
Downside Common Rush Reverse1.44 km6 m0.4%
St Matthews to Ockham Lane0.75 km-6 m-0.4%
Ockham lane sprint from motorway0.32 km6 m1.5%
Ockham Lane Kicker0.81 km26 m3.2%
Ockham Lane1.85 km-20 m-1.0%
Ockham Road Sprint0.92 km-6 m-0.6%
Ripley Mound0.37 km6 m1.7%
A3 to Ripley1.11 km-8 m-0.1%
Polesden Lane (going South)1.10 km3 m0.3%
Send Marsh Road (West section going West)0.87 km6 m0.3%
St.Bedes Climb0.32 km4 m0.6%
Extra mileage needed1.14 km-9 m-0.5%
Vicarage Lane Climb0.50 km15 m3.0%
Woodhill to Burnt Common0.76 km9 m1.2%
Tythebarne ln east1.07 km-8 m-0.3%
Beetle bridge to T-junction0.37 km5 m1.2%
Millard's stacked the Alfasud!0.97 km12 m0.9%
Guileshill Lane (NE)0.95 km-16 m-0.1%
Guileshill0.24 km11 m4.6%
Guileshill 0.25 km5 m1.6%
Ockham to Cobham5.09 km-40 m-0.2%
Ockham to Martyr's Green, Surrey1.82 km17 m0.9%
Oh boy, there's a Muddy Duck ahead1.44 km21 m1.0%
alms hut1.13 km17 m1.2%
Bridge End to Martyr's Green1.19 km20 m1.6%
Mucky Duck Climb1.58 km29 m1.8%
Martyr's Green, Last Push0.66 km14 m2.1%
Col de Black Swan0.39 km7 m1.2%
I am the Ploughman2.88 km-40 m-1.0%
Ockham Lane charge1.54 km-31 m-1.4%
Ockham Lane Speed Bump0.28 km7 m2.6%
Plough downhill1.96 km-39 m-2.0%
Leigh Hill/Fairmile1.38 km21 m1.5%
Cobham 2 step0.30 km13 m4.3%
Fairmile to West End Sprint1.82 km-21 m-0.4%
Last kick before the sprint1.19 km14 m1.0%
Claremont Ave Climb0.36 km10 m0.4%
G!RO//Sprint Finish0.50 km15 m2.9%
Esher Sprint Only0.38 km11 m2.8%
sprint for the sign0.28 km11 m3.8%