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DV Milford Compton Steady

Cycling Route

101.68 km
1,089 m
Created By
David M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Esher Hills3.09 km-21 m-0.1%
Sprint to the flyover0.24 km6 m2.4%
M25 Fly over to Anyards Rd1.85 km-21 m-1.0%
Farmille Lane to Elveden road0.58 km-7 m-1.2%
Between Streets to Downside Common2.05 km16 m0.6%
Cobham to Effingham Junction4.00 km41 m0.9%
Cobham to Effingham Junction6.82 km61 m0.9%
M25 to Garden Centre1.15 km17 m0.9%
Horsley Road sprint0.55 km13 m2.4%
Horsley Rd to A2463.16 km37 m1.0%
The dip to the double roundabouts1.68 km24 m1.0%
Ranmore Core Climb3.26 km107 m3.3%
Final drag from the trees0.75 km15 m2.0%
Luigi's Effingham Climb3.29 km91 m2.8%
Critten Lane Sprinterval0.52 km14 m2.8%
White Down Lane Descent1.51 km-101 m-5.6%
Whitedown Lane Downhill Full-TFPS1.86 km-115 m-6.2%
White Down Ln Ramp0.34 km7 m1.2%
Raikes Lane1.17 km41 m3.3%
Holmbury St Mary from Raikes Lane to Radnor Rd1.97 km37 m1.9%
Ride Forest Ride2.78 km-60 m-2.2%
Get your speed up!1.01 km13 m1.2%
Ewhurst Blast!0.58 km-15 m-2.0%
Lump0.24 km2 m0.7%
Swallowhurst Climb0.24 km7 m2.7%
DV Markwick Lane Official Climb #411.45 km38 m2.6%
X Æ A-12 Musk 20.82 km-10 m-1.2%
W Clandon downhill - long3.11 km-47 m-1.5%
White Hart Meadows Climb0.71 km7 m0.9%
Guileshill Lane (NE)0.95 km-16 m-0.1%
Guileshill0.24 km11 m4.6%
Ockham to Cobham5.09 km-40 m-0.2%
Ockham to Martyr's Green, Surrey1.82 km17 m0.9%
alms hut1.13 km17 m1.2%
Mucky Duck Climb1.58 km29 m1.8%
Martyr's Green, Last Push0.66 km14 m2.1%
Col de Black Swan0.39 km7 m1.2%
Ockham Lane charge1.54 km-31 m-1.4%
Ockham Lane Speed Bump0.28 km7 m2.6%
Plough downhill1.96 km-39 m-2.0%
Plough Lane Sprint1.44 km-11 m-0.8%
leigh hill kick only0.82 km18 m2.2%
Leigh Hill/Fairmile1.38 km21 m1.5%
Cobham to Oxshott3.77 km35 m0.7%
leigh hill only1.66 km38 m2.3%
Cobham 2 step0.30 km13 m4.3%
Sprint to Ashcroft0.29 km5 m1.7%
Reed's to A2441.00 km-16 m-0.9%
Sandy Lane to Milbourne Lane2.22 km-26 m-1.1%
Copsem Lane0.94 km-7 m-0.6%