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DV 2024 Hayes Lane

Cycling Route

95.35 km
868 m
95km 870m via Newdigate
Created By
David M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
A3 roundabout to Danes Hill2.19 km41 m1.9%
Goldrings to High St0.50 km7 m0.5%
Oxshott up and down2.28 km-22 m-0.1%
Annoying Little Lump0.71 km-18 m-1.1%
Oaklawn Road to Leatherhead Centre2.18 km12 m0.6%
Old London Rd Last Climb Sprint0.11 km6 m5.7%
Old London Rd sprint0.38 km9 m0.1%
Brockham TT - 17% Climb1.17 km25 m1.2%
SL Downhill To Finish1.07 km-11 m-1.0%
Newdigate to Rusper4.67 km55 m1.0%
SL Newdigate Finish0.47 km-3 m-0.5%
Rusper High St to Newdigate5.65 km-56 m-0.7%
Partridge Ln to Greens Farm3.31 km-46 m-1.3%
Partridge Lane to top Henfold hill5.50 km-41 m-0.2%
MDV Holy Pub Sprint0.37 km2 m0.6%
Newdigate Cricket Club Collapse0.55 km-14 m-0.9%
RUS Henfold Lane Interval3.38 km-23 m-0.0%
Newdigate to Punchbowl5.67 km-39 m-0.2%
Stage 7, 'Henfold'0.69 km-25 m-3.3%
Henfold Ln Climb0.76 km7 m0.8%
Blackbrook Road3.19 km-30 m-0.5%
Punchbowl from Tilehurst Ln0.78 km22 m2.8%
Punchbowl Lane Up & Over To Dorking0.99 km-27 m-1.1%
Punch howwwl0.22 km8 m2.6%
Punchbowl Tesco's Decent0.62 km-32 m-5.2%
Pixham Down0.83 km-17 m-1.7%
Pixham - Ramp to RAB0.32 km6 m1.8%
Denbies short sprint0.55 km-6 m-1.1%
Bradley Lane roundabout to Box Hill roundabout0.98 km-7 m-0.8%
Dorking to Leatherhead6.19 km-18 m-0.1%
Dual Carriageway Chicken Sprint0.18 km-2 m-1.2%
Andy Lee's best bit2.29 km-9 m-0.1%
Box Hill to Givons Grove3.85 km11 m0.1%
Trinity, The Bends1.26 km-8 m-0.6%
A24-North-LastLeg1.55 km11 m0.3%
Trinity, The Punch0.94 km9 m0.5%
Gimcrack Hill - Real Man's Version1.19 km18 m0.9%
The Phoenix arises0.79 km-8 m-0.7%
Gimcrack Hill0.53 km11 m1.9%
Gimcrack Addict0.21 km14 m6.3%
Gareth's last sprint0.12 km1 m0.8%
Leatherhead - Esher Light's 8.82 km-44 m-0.0%
Randalls Rise0.31 km3 m0.9%
Oaklawn Road1.21 km20 m1.5%
Roundabout to Oxshott2.25 km21 m0.0%
Short climb into Oxshott0.35 km18 m5.1%
Oxshott Bridge Ramp0.35 km13 m2.8%
Oxshott to A3 Reverse1.04 km-35 m-3.2%
Sandy Lane to Milbourne Lane2.22 km-26 m-1.1%
Milbourne Amigos Haul0.45 km16 m3.6%