Hairy Roubaix 100k - The Malinois

Cycling Route

59.71 mi
6,830 ft
Created By
Lee Wittekind

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Saunders Grove gravel drop in0.27 mi-105 ft-7.0%
Gravel0.92 mi164 ft1.6%
Down yonder crick1.23 mi-269 ft-4.1%
Up yonder crick0.74 mi210 ft5.3%
State Route 747 Climb0.79 mi262 ft6.3%
Mt Olivet Gravel Climb to 7461.92 mi-174 ft0.0%
The Alamo0.56 mi138 ft4.5%
Reed Creek to Nester0.25 mi82 ft6.0%
Goose Creek Climb0.59 mi161 ft4.9%
Goose Creek Thaxton to Stop Sign2.34 mi210 ft1.1%
Rockyford Goosecreek Scramble0.64 mi138 ft4.1%
Sandy Ford Road (Jordantown Rd to top, paved begins)5.08 mi1,168 ft3.5%
Sandy Ford Rd Climb4.07 mi1,158 ft5.3%
State Route 616 Climb1.58 mi620 ft7.4%
Sandy Ford Rd Climb1.03 mi407 ft7.4%
SR 603 / Zimmerman Rd (full)3.22 mi1,007 ft5.7%
Zimmerman Road Climb1.61 mi889 ft10.4%
Mountain Top Lane1.56 mi896 ft10.9%
Off the Chapel4.43 mi-951 ft-3.7%
Jeters Drop2.34 mi-922 ft-7.4%
let the gravel begin0.24 mi108 ft8.2%
Simmons Mill drop0.79 mi-210 ft-5.0%