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ChinaCamp A

Mountain Biking Trail

10.14 mi
1,009 ft
Created By
Bike Dawgs

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
CCW Part 10.53 mi144 ft5.0%
CC CCW 1st climb1.94 mi614 ft5.9%
BVT To PFT0.40 mi141 ft6.5%
Shoreline0.64 mi226 ft5.7%
ChinaCamp_Kiosk to 2nd Bridge1.65 mi548 ft6.3%
Bay View climb to Lollipop0.80 mi292 ft6.9%
Bayview Short Lower0.28 mi92 ft6.2%
⛺️CC: W/M Extra Extended to Grn Brdg1.29 mi479 ft7.1%
China Camp to the 2nd intersection1.38 mi469 ft6.4%
China Camp - Upper Downer 4.93 mi512 ft0.1%
Bay View Trail to Nike Site1.43 mi-600 ft-0.3%
Uphill Switchbacks0.56 mi164 ft5.5%
CCW Part 20.59 mi184 ft5.8%
Power line Short DH0.02 mi-23 ft-16.6%
CCW Part 30.33 mi144 ft8.0%
Bayview to Echo0.85 mi259 ft5.8%
BV-Echo Tr0.75 mi262 ft6.5%
CCW Part 40.55 mi135 ft4.6%
Rolling Down3.23 mi-505 ft-3.0%
3rd Bridge to fireroad0.46 mi-59 ft-2.4%
China Camp Descent to Knight Drive1.52 mi-312 ft-3.8%
China Camp Descent to Knight Drive Junction1.20 mi-184 ft-2.7%
Shoreline Enduro (Backranch to Bayshore)2.79 mi-443 ft-3.0%
Roller Coaster Through the Trees1.25 mi-177 ft-1.9%
CCW Part 61.64 mi-325 ft-3.2%
The Uphill Sprint0.27 mi59 ft4.0%
Bay View/Oak to Miwok3.30 mi-390 ft-2.0%
Knight Bridge to East End1.78 mi-361 ft-3.2%
⛺️CC: I Am in Great Pain0.54 mi-95 ft-1.9%
China Camp Descent East (Full)1.25 mi-371 ft-5.6%
oak ridge blast0.27 mi-98 ft-6.8%
China Camp East Descent (Forest)0.58 mi-135 ft-4.4%
Oak Ridge - Final Blast0.31 mi-36 ft-2.2%
Shoreline DH0.68 mi-223 ft-5.9%
Oak Ridge Descent- McNear to Peacock Gap0.57 mi-157 ft-5.2%
Ranger to Miwok1.62 mi-75 ft-0.0%
Around the Trees Descent0.56 mi-89 ft-2.7%
Descent to Gravel Fire-Road0.44 mi-72 ft-3.0%
CCW Part 81.12 mi66 ft0.3%
Frontside Gravel Fireroad0.33 mi36 ft2.0%
Frontside Gravel Road long version1.32 mi62 ft0.2%
Shoreline CCW2.18 mi98 ft0.2%
Miwok to Campgrounds0.93 mi-36 ft-0.2%
Gravel Be Damned0.58 mi-39 ft-1.0%
Quick Climb To A View (CCW)0.04 mi16 ft6.3%
CCW Part 91.61 mi-121 ft-0.4%
CCC Sprint0.45 mi125 ft3.9%
China Camp Around Campsite Clockwise1.08 mi79 ft0.1%
Campsite0.77 mi-92 ft-0.2%
smashing switchbacks0.73 mi-79 ft-2.0%