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Fortuna - Earlysville Long (A)

Cycling Route

61.06 mi
4,083 ft
Created By
Alex Young

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Corner Sprint0.19 mi43 ft4.1%
th St Nw Climb0.35 mi299 ft16.0%
Runaway train0.21 mi46 ft3.5%
21 Curves North1.82 mi-167 ft-1.6%
htous sevruc 121.56 mi-151 ft-1.8%
TNW Recovery KOM0.16 mi26 ft3.2%
Woodlands to Earlysville Rd.5.84 mi249 ft0.0%
Woodlands Rd (Free Union to Reas Ford)1.55 mi-62 ft-0.5%
Stop sign to the bridge 0.98 mi-184 ft-3.5%
Reas Ford Descents0.45 mi-138 ft-5.5%
Speed Check0.05 mi13 ft2.9%
Bleak House to Loftlands2.51 mi207 ft1.5%
Reas Ford Flat North 1.99 mi56 ft0.5%
Firehouse Ride - Final Mile1.07 mi36 ft0.1%
Up from Jacobs Run0.50 mi115 ft4.2%
TNW Neutral Zone Attack0.52 mi82 ft2.7%
Frays Mnt1.67 mi95 ft1.1%
I'm Fast, Faster Than You0.21 mi-23 ft-0.8%
Simmons Gap Flyzone1.27 mi-187 ft-2.8%
Mind the (Simmons) Gap1.34 mi187 ft2.6%
Plunkett's Superbowl0.46 mi82 ft3.3%
March to Amicus on gravel0.55 mi-69 ft-2.1%
R615 to Bacon Hollow1.86 mi180 ft1.3%
Markwood Rd - Free Union Rd3.39 mi177 ft0.5%
Simmonds Gap Rd to Free Union Rd1.43 mi92 ft0.2%
810 Grind4.55 mi377 ft1.5%
Blackwells Hollow back2.16 mi341 ft3.0%
Blackwells Hollow Rd Climb1.79 mi285 ft3.0%
Blackwells Hollow Rd Climb1.74 mi285 ft3.1%
Down to Whitehall6.79 mi-486 ft-1.4%
Browns Gap DH7.09 mi-469 ft-0.9%
Flat Out- Browns Gap Trnpk5.73 mi-348 ft-1.1%
WhiteHallPoorWill 4.22 mi-295 ft-1.3%
Down home4.04 mi-289 ft-1.3%
Whippoorwill Hill0.97 mi174 ft3.1%
Old Ballards - East3.39 mi-167 ft-0.2%
Old Ballard1.99 mi-177 ft-1.5%
Ballard Ridge1.53 mi194 ft2.4%
U Hill 0.31 mi56 ft3.0%
University Hill0.22 mi20 ft1.4%
Going Back to School0.25 mi59 ft4.4%
UVA Chapel Hill0.20 mi56 ft5.0%
University Hill Crush0.20 mi56 ft5.4%