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CAF Day 2 Epic - Hard Calistoga St Helena

Cycling Route

80.62 mi
3,350 ft
Created By
CAF Cycling Mng Anna

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
128 County line Napa/Sonoma from the north0.74 mi220 ft5.6%
Napa County Descent1.74 mi-272 ft-1.7%
welcome to Napa County0.97 mi-253 ft-4.9%
Bennett Lane Sprint Zone0.30 mi-13 ft-0.8%
Bennett Lane North to South Mile Sprint1.01 mi-39 ft-0.7%
Bennett Lane One Mile Sprint1.00 mi-39 ft-0.7%
Bennett Lane Eastbound Sprint0.32 mi-13 ft-0.7%
Bennett Lane Half Mile Sprint0.63 mi-26 ft-0.7%
little doctor0.33 mi75 ft3.9%
Silverado Trail North Dunaweal to Brannan1.30 mi39 ft0.6%
Silverado Trail Dunaweal to Lincoln1.61 mi26 ft0.3%
Silverado Mile TT - Dunaweal to Rosedale1.05 mi23 ft0.2%
Lincoln to Rosedale Sprint0.46 mi-20 ft-0.8%
Brannan to Dunaweal Trail South1.26 mi-16 ft-0.1%
Dunaweal to Larkmead Trail South2.48 mi79 ft0.4%
Cuvaison Kicker0.32 mi59 ft3.4%
Larkmead to Bale South on Trail1.09 mi-43 ft-0.8%
Lodi to Deer Park Trail South0.51 mi0 ft0.0%
Silverado Trail South Lodi to Deer Park0.55 mi-10 ft-0.3%
Silverado Trail South Deer Park to Pope St1.66 mi-20 ft-0.2%
Proposed Wappo Park bike path0.06 mi0 ft0.2%
Franz Valley School Road Climb5.59 mi712 ft1.0%
Franz Valley Challenge8.82 mi627 ft0.1%
FVSR 4.27 mi499 ft0.4%
Franz Valley School1.49 mi492 ft6.3%
Franz Valley School - meat and potatoes0.84 mi361 ft8.0%
welcome to Sonoma County1.62 mi-404 ft-4.7%
Franz Valley DH Rollers2.46 mi-456 ft-3.3%
Franz(ia) Flats4.81 mi-413 ft-1.2%
Franz Valley Rd Climb0.46 mi285 ft11.6%
Jimtown to Lytton Station2.06 mi26 ft0.0%