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CAF Day 3 Epic - Hard Cloverdale Geysers

Cycling Route

57.54 mi
4,845 ft
Created By
CAF Cycling Mng Anna

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Chiquita Rd HB AVE TO LYTTON2.10 mi131 ft1.0%
After Chablis stop sign to Lytton Spring Rd1.53 mi98 ft1.0%
Lytton Springs Sprint1.83 mi-154 ft-1.6%
Lambert Br to Yoakim Br3.87 mi46 ft0.2%
West Dry Creek Road Climb0.46 mi-30 ft-0.2%
Yoakim Bridge Road0.64 mi-20 ft-0.1%
Dutcher Crossing Sprint0.73 mi-36 ft-0.7%
Dutcher, Dry Creek to Simmons2.72 mi315 ft1.5%
Dutcher Creek Rd. South to North3.99 mi312 ft0.7%
Dutcher Creek Dig2.11 mi341 ft2.9%
Pic creek road0.62 mi184 ft5.4%
NB Dutcher just the hill0.52 mi135 ft4.8%
Dutcher Creek Bomber 1.61 mi-177 ft-1.9%
Final stretch home 1.12 mi-49 ft-0.8%
Geysers to top of last descent20.93 mi2,320 ft1.5%
Geysers Short7.83 mi761 ft1.8%
Geysers Road, from River Road to Bridge8.51 mi640 ft1.2%
Hey let's regroup 100m below the summit!14.05 mi2,106 ft2.8%
Geysers Short7.78 mi751 ft1.8%
Geysers to steam roller7.23 mi525 ft1.4%
Geysers (Cloverdale To Alexander Valley) 25.05 mi-2,329 ft-0.0%
Geyser Road12.72 mi1,286 ft1.9%
First cattle guard thru first switchback0.66 mi144 ft3.7%
Full Geysers climb15.32 mi2,303 ft2.8%
Geysers Full14.75 mi2,247 ft2.9%
Geysers Road Climb1.10 mi262 ft4.5%
Bridge to First Switch Back4.54 mi778 ft3.2%
Geysers Bridge to Summit #17.56 mi1,801 ft4.5%
Geysers Climbmax #15.76 mi1,539 ft5.1%
Geysers Part 13.24 mi558 ft3.2%
Geysers Part 24.27 mi1,234 ft5.5%
Geyser climb to summit 11.75 mi807 ft8.6%
Geyser 1k rise1.33 mi781 ft11.1%
Mercuryville climb3.16 mi1,050 ft6.2%
First Switch Back to Dirt Pull Out1.31 mi764 ft11.0%
Geyser's Wall1.40 mi761 ft10.3%
Geysers - Turn of events to summit. 1.31 mi764 ft11.0%
Geysers Part 2.53.05 mi1,014 ft6.3%
Geysers clockwise loop 1st big climb1.31 mi771 ft11.1%
Complete Geysers DH9.21 mi-2,293 ft-4.7%
1st Geysers descent1.49 mi-673 ft-8.5%
Geysers Part 3 - actual climb0.97 mi407 ft7.9%
Geysers Part 31.17 mi420 ft6.8%
Geysers DH3.90 mi-1,755 ft-8.5%
Down Geyser4.01 mi-1,716 ft-8.1%
Jimtown to Lytton Station2.06 mi26 ft0.0%