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CAF Day 4 Classic/Coffee- Easiest Eastside Wohler Westside

Cycling Route

20.39 mi
854 ft
Created By
CAF Cycling Mng Anna

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Eastside/Westside complete15.95 mi121 ft0.0%
Eastside Rd. - Old Redwood to Windsor River Rd.1.82 mi-33 ft-0.2%
Eastside > Westside15.88 mi102 ft0.0%
Slap the B'east5.13 mi98 ft0.3%
Eastside Old Red to Wohler TT6.32 mi-102 ft-0.1%
Redwood Hwy to Trenton, north to south5.17 mi102 ft0.3%
Eastside Rd TT West3.67 mi-39 ft-0.1%
Windsor River Rd. to Trenton-Hldsbg Rd.3.30 mi92 ft0.4%
2 min TT0.66 mi102 ft2.9%
Eastside/Trenton to Madrona10.85 mi-131 ft-0.1%
Eastside to Wohler1.91 mi-95 ft-0.7%
Eastside, Trenton to Wohler1.12 mi-92 ft-1.4%
Wohler Kicker0.42 mi43 ft1.2%
Wohler Punch from Eastside0.32 mi49 ft2.8%
Wohler Slap0.20 mi46 ft4.3%
Round da bend2.22 mi102 ft0.3%
Westside Rd - bridge to Madrona8.50 mi89 ft0.1%
Westside - Wohler to Hop Kiln3.43 mi115 ft0.1%
Westside - Wohler to Dry Creek8.54 mi92 ft0.1%
Buddha's Hill0.41 mi82 ft3.8%
Santa Rosa River Ride Out8.58 mi108 ft0.1%
Westside Road Kicker0.29 mi59 ft3.9%
Westside Whipp0.52 mi85 ft2.5%
wester tester8.03 mi105 ft0.0%
Westside Road Rollers6.22 mi85 ft0.1%
Westside - Sweetwater to West Dry Creek5.05 mi-92 ft-0.1%
Bishops Ranch TT3.92 mi-79 ft-0.2%