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The Haulback - 2024 Marathon XC

Mountain Biking Trail

33.91 km
1,385 m
Bringing back marathon XC racing to Squamish. The event will feature a timed descent down Ditch Pig and will be followed by a spirited after-party. Make XC great again!
Created By
Terry E

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Dowad Hill Climb0.62 km52 m8.3%
blow your dowad hill climb0.27 km21 m7.7%
Perth Dr Climb1.04 km114 m10.9%
booya2.53 km180 m7.1%
jack trail to 50 shade entrance1.49 km89 m6.0%
Jacks (Credit Line Exit) + 50 Shades (Pt 1)2.19 km183 m8.4%
Jacks - Credit Line to 50 Shades (Ascent Direction)1.22 km60 m5.0%
Jacks (Credit Line Exit) + 50 Shades (full)2.91 km214 m7.3%
50 Shades1.03 km131 m12.7%
50 Shades of Green pt 10.93 km123 m13.1%
50 Shades Full (Green + Tip)1.56 km147 m9.4%
Fifty Shades of Green0.87 km97 m11.1%
Just the tip0.44 km20 m4.6%
Rupert.0.85 km-94 m-10.3%
Rupert DH (from the sign)0.91 km-99 m-10.9%
rupert (dog to end) 1.08 km-97 m-8.9%
Downward Dog0.82 km-98 m-11.9%
Rupert descent0.96 km-96 m-9.9%
Rupert DH0.81 km-94 m-11.5%
Road to Corners1.90 km103 m5.4%
Road to SORCA shelter1.12 km61 m5.4%
Man Boobs1.04 km-79 m-7.6%
Man Boobs1.13 km-85 m-7.4%
Rabbits Feet! (upper Manboobs before climb)0.63 km-69 m-10.6%
Boneshaker 2019 Stage 2 Mandible Boobs1.06 km-79 m-7.4%
Man Boobs in Forest0.93 km-83 m-9.0%
small boobs0.71 km-75 m-10.5%
Climb To MITS1.58 km90 m5.7%
SORCA Shelter to Caterpillar2.57 km150 m5.8%
Alice Lake Rd Climb1.12 km112 m9.9%
Garibaldi Park Rd Climb1.57 km110 m7.0%
Sham-Wow2.59 km137 m5.3%
Short n' Sweet (ish)0.34 km48 m13.8%
Switch back to Angry Midget1.54 km141 m9.1%
Grizzly to Half Nelson Climb0.89 km94 m10.5%
Full Pig1.19 km-190 m-15.9%
DITCH PIG - UPPER0.18 km-28 m-15.1%
Ditch Pig (From One Man's Garbage)0.97 km-188 m-19.4%
Stealth Nelson (aka Another Mans Gold)0.62 km-58 m-9.3%
Another "AMG" Segment0.52 km-57 m-10.9%
Another man's roadside attraction0.39 km-49 m-12.4%
Darwin's Crossing Climb0.55 km54 m9.7%
top of plunge from shelter1.88 km-95 m-5.0%
Powerhouse Plunge 11.16 km-81 m-6.9%
Plunge 10.91 km-52 m-5.7%
Hoods climb to start of singletrack0.68 km58 m8.5%
Climb to Somewhere Over There (Left Line)1.41 km110 m7.8%
Somewhere over there my way1.36 km-221 m-16.2%
Upper Somewhere0.54 km-89 m-15.9%
Somewhere Over There Descent (Slab Entry)0.97 km-147 m-14.4%