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Route#3 (Shortened) - R5 Santiago/Skip RSM and Silverado (Starbucks/Panara Bread @ Woodbury Town Center)

Cycling Route

32.93 mi
1,935 ft
Start at Starbucks/Panara Bread @ Woodbury Town Center...Irvine Blvd to Los Alisos...El Toro...Santiago Cyn...Back to Woodbury Town Center.
Created By
Scott Poulalion

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bake to LF Final Crush1.12 mi105 ft1.8%
Trabuco - Lake Forest to El Toro Bikeway0.98 mi-69 ft-0.1%
Red River to El Toro0.60 mi69 ft0.1%
Aliso Creek to Via Nuez0.30 mi82 ft5.1%
Los Alisos - Trabuco to SM Pkwy2.00 mi203 ft1.9%
Aliso up to Noveno0.50 mi102 ft2.9%
Vista Del Lago speed bump #20.30 mi56 ft3.4%
Los Alisos, Vista Del Lago to THS1.00 mi72 ft1.3%
como church climb0.58 mi125 ft4.1%
Marguerite to Live Oak2.13 mi272 ft2.4%
Marguerite to top of Santiago Canyon4.13 mi600 ft2.7%
Como Street Attack - First Bump to Jamboree13.88 mi-781 ft-0.4%
El Toro backside climb2.37 mi476 ft3.8%
como last pitch before cooks0.27 mi49 ft3.5%
TMWC pre-live oak sprint0.22 mi33 ft2.7%
South Ridgeline to Modjeska1.34 mi302 ft4.2%
Cook's Corner to Irvine Lake 8.81 mi-581 ft-0.5%
Cooks to Ridgeline0.63 mi135 ft4.0%
partial cooks1.23 mi272 ft4.2%
Cook's to Crystal Canyon 0.42 mi85 ft3.8%
Cooks to Top of Santiago Cyn.1.82 mi305 ft3.2%
north ridgeline to modjeska0.57 mi157 ft5.2%
Giddy up!0.19 mi66 ft6.5%
Santiago, Modjeska to Silverado Cyn3.41 mi-387 ft-2.1%
Santiago TT (Modjeska to Irvine Lake)5.37 mi-361 ft-1.3%
Silverado to Dump Hill4.40 mi-213 ft-0.1%
TdO SS 20.23 mi36 ft3.0%
irvine lake liftoff0.38 mi13 ft0.3%
Pre-Dump shakedown!0.35 mi-30 ft-1.0%
Dump Hill0.97 mi200 ft3.7%
VS-Dump Hill KOM0.69 mi144 ft4.0%
Dump Hill sprint0.19 mi49 ft4.9%
261 to Jamboree1.01 mi-154 ft-2.9%
Terry's Hill0.56 mi-75 ft-2.4%
Como final sprint on Santiago0.26 mi-7 ft-0.4%
Santiago College Sprint to the Top 0.49 mi-49 ft-1.9%
Canyon View to top of Jamboree0.42 mi118 ft4.7%
Canyon View/Jamboree to Tustin sign0.76 mi59 ft1.2%
Jamboree DH Jam2.22 mi-344 ft-2.9%
All Downhill Jamboree to Portola1.99 mi-328 ft-3.1%
Firefighter Sprint1.12 mi-184 ft-3.1%
Roll along and stop to hit on a chica rocking Adele2.69 mi121 ft0.8%
Jamboree Via Portola to Bike Path0.35 mi7 ft0.3%
Anger Management cool down0.43 mi-33 ft-0.9%
RNR Sat/Thurs Sprint full0.65 mi-33 ft-0.1%
Up Portola2.66 mi151 ft1.0%
Portola - Culver to Jeffrey uphill sprint1.58 mi105 ft1.3%
Portola-Jeffrey roller0.54 mi33 ft1.0%
last burst home0.40 mi-49 ft-2.3%