Fortuna Alberene/Plank Short

Cycling Route

41.62 mi
3,374 ft
Created By
Alex Young

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Jefferson Park Avenue Southbound0.49 mi23 ft0.1%
parkway push on0.41 mi-30 ft-1.3%
Fry Spring to Walnut Creek8.40 mi262 ft0.3%
First 4 miles of Fry's Spring3.98 mi128 ft0.2%
0.36 mi-62 ft-3.2%
McKenzie's Breakaway0.37 mi-66 ft-3.3%
Ol lynch getaway 1.05 mi-98 ft-0.1%
CHO - Jefferson Sprint bike out6.29 mi-161 ft-0.2%
Best Part0.52 mi-95 ft-3.4%
OLR: The Whole Shebang8.50 mi262 ft0.5%
Rollout1.31 mi118 ft1.4%
631 Hill0.22 mi95 ft8.1%
CHO - OLR Whittington blast7.72 mi253 ft0.3%
Fiddlestick sprint0.17 mi56 ft5.4%
Come on Nick; beat my time!0.47 mi56 ft1.9%
Heartbroken thru the Dog2.65 mi240 ft1.1%
dog hill proper0.78 mi249 ft6.0%
Dog Hill0.98 mi246 ft4.6%
Fortuna TT: Red Hill to Rising Sun2.77 mi-115 ft-0.1%
Plank is Coming - Sprint!0.31 mi89 ft5.2%
Plank Sprint: Old Lynch to Alberene1.84 mi-148 ft-1.2%
CHO - WOW Oly tri-angle11.45 mi-207 ft-0.0%
Creek to Solitude0.82 mi98 ft2.2%
Alberene cut through1.83 mi-141 ft-1.5%
Alberene up to Guthrie Hall Ln0.34 mi82 ft4.2%
Fortuna Pursuit 5.69 mi164 ft0.1%
Fortuna TT: Keene to OLR5.59 mi161 ft0.2%
Plank Rd Plunge0.67 mi-144 ft-4.1%
Alberene - S Garden1.92 mi164 ft1.0%
Plank climb to OLR1.37 mi177 ft2.3%
Plank Road East Climb to OLR0.79 mi141 ft3.4%
OLR - Plank to Red Hill2.93 mi125 ft0.1%
Old lynchburg blip0.20 mi69 ft5.3%
Walnut climb 0.89 mi112 ft2.1%
If you brake you lose0.54 mi-184 ft-5.8%
Hardware river rise0.45 mi108 ft4.5%
Dudley Mountain (Red Hill to Old Lynchburg)3.47 mi-118 ft-0.1%
Dudley Mountain Road...Whole Shabang3.62 mi-135 ft-0.5%
Gunderson's Gulley (fixed)1.74 mi-118 ft-0.7%
Gunderson's Gulley1.76 mi-115 ft-0.6%
Lil-hill0.26 mi69 ft2.8%
Dudley Mtn-Hickory1.79 mi-125 ft-0.1%
Kendra Punch0.36 mi56 ft2.0%
Singleton Speed Trap0.64 mi-98 ft-2.9%
Jehovah's Witnesses chug0.30 mi72 ft4.5%
OLR 2 JPA1.04 mi-75 ft-0.2%
Beach Club Blitz0.36 mi56 ft2.8%
JP-yay that Sunset Ave hill is over.0.95 mi52 ft0.1%
Please Be Green0.59 mi-33 ft-0.2%
Bye-bye bike lane0.54 mi-49 ft-0.3%