Cycling Route

29.4 mi
1,961 ft
Created By
Conor Douglass

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Old Mission Sprint0.47 mi-69 ft-2.2%
Alamo Pintado - Viborg to Baseline2.45 mi157 ft1.2%
Watts Test1.00 mi59 ft1.1%
Watts Test1.99 mi131 ft1.2%
Full Woodstock (b2c)6.30 mi-515 ft-0.1%
Long Valley2.84 mi486 ft3.2%
Long Valley Descent3.44 mi-515 ft-2.8%
Long Valley 2nd Climb0.31 mi92 ft5.2%
North Calzada Descent2.17 mi-256 ft-2.2%
Quail Valley Ripper1.33 mi-131 ft-0.7%
How long can you sprint?0.25 mi82 ft5.7%