Goodwood to Franschoek Pass

Cycling Route

145.3 km
1,571 m
Bottelary Rd then over Helz then to top of Franschoek Pass and B-fast in Franschoek then back home over Helz.
Created By
Lloyd Weitz (Team iNTIME Aluminium)
September 16, 2015·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Goodwood to Bellville Sprint Frans Conradie5.87 km76 m0.7%
Frans Conradie - The Climb0.58 km30 m5.2%
The 12th Stretch1.90 km19 m-0.9%
Avondale Attack0.88 km6 m0.7%
Link to Old Oak2.33 km27 m-0.3%
BrackenfellBlvrd 2 Kayamandi17.96 km70 m0.2%
Saxo road to Palm4.37 km22 m0.4%
Bottelary sprint reverse10.11 km57 m0.4%
MTB BLISS next to Botties OUTGOING1.15 km7 m0.1%
Hazendal to Qarry entrance5.46 km46 m0.8%
Bellevue to Hartenberg2.75 km41 m1.5%
Coffee boost to R3040.96 km10 m1.0%
Fastest Truckslip without being flagged1.76 km9 m0.3%
Kayamandi Dash0.68 km3 m-0.2%
Helshoogte up & over15.72 km247 m0.3%
Pure Savage - Final Burger Climb0.84 km21 m1.9%
Lead out baby0.99 km9 m-0.7%
Two Passes (Helshoogte and Franschoek)35.86 km597 m1.7%
Helshoogte Pass4.60 km235 m5.1%
base of Helshoogte to F'hoek27.14 km233 m0.4%
Hellshoogte first half turn of to pipe2.82 km154 m5.4%
first Helshoogte hill climb1.05 km72 m6.8%
1min?0.54 km36 m6.5%
Helshoogte Rd Climb2.91 km129 m4.4%
Helshoogte Last turn to Top0.59 km27 m4.6%
Helhoogte descent to R458.56 km200 m-2.3%
Helshoogte Pniel Downhill1.72 km101 m-5.9%
Pniel climb sprint 0.87 km17 m1.9%
Speeding past Boschendal2.03 km29 m-1.4%
WNW Boschendal R310 to R3016.99 km20 m-0.1%
Pniel T-junction to top of Franschhoek pass21.91 km555 m2.5%
10k TT of Truth9.62 km36 m0.3%
L'Ormarins bluegum climb0.80 km21 m2.5%
CWCT2018 D1 SP11.84 km8 m-0.2%
StarTeam Bridge House to Drakenstein turn1.04 km6 m-0.6%
Bridge House Home Dash8.66 km68 m0.8%
ride to Fraschhoek3.43 km50 m1.4%
Franschoek town neutral bit3.54 km45 m1.3%
Franschhoek Pass7.30 km464 m6.3%
20 min VAM Franschhoek Pass4.71 km294 m6.2%
Franschhoek Pass7.00 km467 m6.7%
Let it rain WATTS0.60 km28 m4.7%
Lambrechts Rd Climb1.95 km106 m5.4%
Franschhoek Pass no whining all the way up6.49 km430 m6.6%
Fransche Hoek to Akkerdraai Climb2.05 km139 m6.8%
Petite Ferme to waterpoint4.68 km306 m6.5%
Franschhoek Pass Hairpin0.12 km7 m-6.1%
Werf St Climb1.33 km88 m6.6%
Lambrechts Road Climb1.36 km150 m11.0%
final sprint0.36 km26 m6.7%