2015 Perseverance Race Route

Running Route

11.09 km
459 m
Start on the logging road where Mama Bear's Trail branches off. Up to Two and Juice and then Buggered Pig to the road. Up the logging road to Miners, hike-a-bike to the lake. Down trail to Bear Buns...down Broadway (do not cross Sykes)...right on Davis Lake...right on the next little logging road towards Allan Lake with the yellow gate by Perseverance Creek bridge...left onto the little Short and Curly short cut...left on Short and Curly back to the Perseverance bridge (evil little loop)...down the road...new Spanker Trail...finish on the power line trail into No 6 Park as usual...
Created By
Carl T

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
2 & A Juice to Buggered Pig2.17 km26 m0.9%
Hai Gai Trail Climb0.88 km87 m9.8%
MIners - Hike A Bike to Lake0.95 km165 m17.2%
Broadway trail Climb1.15 km163 m14.1%
Perseverance 2014 descent2.34 km-234 m-10.0%