Blue Flat Weeks 3 and 13.

Cycling Route

41.95 mi
1,833 ft
2 Chillies. Cafe at Thaymar
Created By
Bozer Routemaster
October 17, 2015·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Hillstown to carr lane0.80 mi26 ft0.4%
Palterton cutting drag.0.43 mi16 ft0.2%
Losk Lane 0.77 mi-56 ft-1.4%
Stony descent to the sub station1.02 mi-69 ft-1.1%
Nether Langwith Drop0.96 mi-95 ft-1.8%
Rectory Rd. To First Bridge0.43 mi-36 ft-1.6%
Pootle alongside the Poulter1.02 mi-43 ft-0.6%
Making Hay in the Big Ring1.26 mi-102 ft-0.2%
Short sharp climb into church warsop0.24 mi89 ft6.5%
Just get up that flppin hill with the pants surface0.64 mi59 ft1.6%
Woodlane singletrack sth0.40 mi-30 ft-1.5%
wood lane ,gospel basher0.21 mi-20 ft-1.7%
local yocal0.23 mi-20 ft-1.3%
Peter & Paul 0.35 mi-10 ft-0.1%
More Uphill Than I Thought1.62 mi144 ft1.7%
warsop to old clip2.39 mi-141 ft-0.0%
Warop mini roundabouts to rat hole1.41 mi-138 ft-1.5%
Peafield lane to river maun1.28 mi-135 ft-2.0%
Standing Start from Mill Lane to DnD0.30 mi46 ft2.9%
Rufford Ford to Wellow Pond1.37 mi56 ft0.7%
Wellow to Bothamsall turn4.53 mi-95 ft-0.4%
Storm Frank...2.71 mi-36 ft-0.0%
Jocks to walesby 1.29 mi-26 ft-0.2%
Boughton, Walesby, Bothamsall3.60 mi49 ft0.1%
Post office to walesby1.23 mi-26 ft-0.3%
Walesby Blast0.18 mi13 ft1.4%
flow0.40 mi-52 ft-2.5%
West thru Bothamsall0.42 mi46 ft1.8%
Main St Bothamsall0.22 mi39 ft3.3%
Dragons Den. Deborah, and for that reason … Im out !0.14 mi39 ft5.0%
Hazel house lake chase1.47 mi59 ft0.3%
Carburton Lakes Chase2.32 mi59 ft0.3%
Carburton Lakes to Norton2.32 mi49 ft0.2%
Nortons final charge!0.12 mi-7 ft0.0%
Norton Holbeck1.84 mi92 ft0.9%
Infield Lane, Norton0.72 mi39 ft0.7%
Full Elma Lane1.08 mi62 ft1.1%
Elma Lane Climb0.44 mi52 ft2.2%
It's a segment now0.29 mi36 ft2.4%
Oxpasture Lane Climb1.04 mi79 ft1.3%
Markland Ln Climb0.56 mi26 ft0.6%
Ridgeway Climb0.66 mi66 ft1.7%
Ramper (Ringer to Mansfield)0.19 mi13 ft1.3%
Mansfield Road "More Fruita" Climb0.29 mi66 ft4.3%
Full Oxcroft Lane2.50 mi79 ft0.4%
Damsbrook Ln Climb0.20 mi289 ft27.4%
Oxcroft Climb0.28 mi30 ft1.9%
Blackbanks to Mill Lane1.42 mi105 ft1.4%
A Oxcroft Lane Climb0.34 mi348 ft19.2%
Brockley Wood ascent (the actual incline/better GPS)0.46 mi39 ft1.7%