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Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen w/ Steepest Hill US

Cycling Route

46.59 mi
5,906 ft
For when we go back for Carnival in April
Created By
Diandian X

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Gnarfle the Garthog0.13 mi-7 ft-0.9%
Freeport Road Climb0.47 mi423 ft16.8%
Guyasuta Rd Climb0.85 mi433 ft9.6%
Center-Guyasuta Climb (From 5th to Buckingham and no Stop Signs)0.66 mi377 ft10.8%
center ave steeps0.24 mi200 ft15.4%
Kittanning St Climb0.78 mi472 ft11.4%
Dirty Dozen Hill 2 - Ravine St / Sharps Hill Rd0.68 mi417 ft11.6%
Kittannning Descent0.86 mi-384 ft-8.4%
Heather Dr Climb0.90 mi377 ft7.8%
Dirty Dozen Hill 4 - High St. Seavey Rd0.97 mi335 ft6.1%
Seavey Rd0.30 mi197 ft12.2%
Rivers Heritage Trail System Climb0.33 mi279 ft15.6%
Dirty Dozen Hill 5 - Logan St0.27 mi246 ft20.5%
My Logan Street0.37 mi256 ft13.1%
Dirty Dozen Hill 6 - Rialto St0.12 mi121 ft18.5%
Dirty Dozen Hill 7 - Suffolk / Hazelton / Burgess0.42 mi358 ft15.8%
Suffolk climb0.26 mi210 ft15.1%
Burgess clmb0.06 mi39 ft12.6%
Hazleton climb0.07 mi56 ft14.8%
W to S Commons Benderama0.27 mi-30 ft-2.1%
Clemente Classic (Inbound)0.14 mi0 ft0.2%
Sycamore0.49 mi338 ft13.0%
Sycamore0.49 mi338 ft13.0%
Dirty Dozen Hill 8 - Sycamore (official end)0.47 mi295 ft11.9%
Lowenhill Ave Climb0.59 mi262 ft8.3%
Canton0.15 mi105 ft12.9%
Canton Avenue0.05 mi52 ft18.1%
Banksville to Boustead Climb0.54 mi276 ft9.6%
Boustead St0.16 mi151 ft17.4%
Louisa St Climb1.12 mi302 ft5.0%
Bausman St. to Brownsville Rd.1.04 mi292 ft5.3%
18th Street Kamikaze Downhill0.85 mi-289 ft-6.4%
Dirty Dozen Hill 11 - Welsh Way0.21 mi121 ft10.7%
Cobden St Climb0.56 mi341 ft11.5%
Barry Holt Elanor - Dirty Dozen #120.42 mi341 ft15.1%
Barry St0.18 mi161 ft16.2%
Upper Eleanor0.18 mi46 ft4.5%
Mt Ave Climb0.17 mi92 ft10.2%
Dirty Dozen race to the start of the final climb4.53 mi-154 ft-0.4%
Flowers / Kilbourne / Tesla0.90 mi430 ft9.0%
Flowers0.86 mi407 ft8.2%
Tesla0.16 mi144 ft16.4%
Beechwood - Browns Hill to Forbes2.40 mi79 ft0.1%
Kemper Street Climb0.59 mi26 ft0.4%
Shady Ave Climb0.54 mi33 ft1.1%
Frick Kick0.17 mi13 ft0.4%
Beechwood Turns0.49 mi-16 ft-0.6%