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[dcw] Passo delle Erbe (via Laion/Gardena)

Cycling Route

107.32 km
3,876 m
Official route of the "Dolomites Cycling Weeks" organized by For more informations check for the "Dolomites Cycling Weeks" program on Climbs: - Passo delle Erbe - Laion - Passo Gardena
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Igor T

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Prousc Tor Strasse Climb2.32 km255 m11.0%
[MRT] Passo delle Erbe, da San Martino in Badia15.22 km877 m5.8%
Passo de Erbe, (andere startplek)14.56 km871 m5.9%
CS030 Erbe (voor Willem ;-))13.96 km853 m6.1%
Strada Valdander Climb0.56 km81 m14.4%
Sp29 Climb0.90 km80 m8.9%
Passo delle Erbe (2e steile deel)6.28 km570 m9.1%
Passo delle Erbe (steile deel)6.32 km587 m9.0%
Frazione Antermoia Climb6.20 km583 m9.4%
Strada S. Antone, 77 Climb1.44 km115 m8.0%
Strada Provinciale 29 Climb1.03 km136 m13.1%
Strada Provinciale 29 Climb0.91 km111 m12.0%
Strada Provinciale 29 Climb1.10 km135 m12.2%
Strada Provinciale 29 Climb1.38 km126 m9.1%
Passo di Eores2.01 km76 m3.2%
Strada Provinciale 29 Climb1.57 km84 m5.3%
Strada Provinciale 29 Climb0.50 km91 m18.2%
Gufidaun_rektal0.81 km83 m6.1%
Località Paese G., 15 Climb1.30 km164 m12.5%
Gnollhof4.15 km451 m10.8%
Lajon4.65 km433 m9.0%
Fraktion Gufidaun Climb0.95 km134 m14.1%
Fraktion Gufidaun Climb1.37 km176 m12.9%
Frazione Ceves Climb1.68 km96 m5.7%
Frazione Fraina, 9 Climb0.48 km95 m19.6%
Fraktion Sankt Peter, 56b Climb1.64 km102 m6.2%
Strada La Poza Climb0.78 km81 m10.3%
Passo Gardena from Val Gardena9.94 km529 m5.3%
Streda Plan De Gralba, 10 Climb2.64 km191 m7.2%
Strada Statale 48 Climb0.83 km89 m10.7%
Ss242 Climb2.09 km154 m7.3%
Strada Statale 243 Climb1.24 km101 m8.1%
GARDENA (Cruce Sella) / www.pirenaica.com5.72 km255 m4.4%
Passo di Gardena (west)5.89 km237 m4.0%
Passo Sella 1^ parte2.14 km164 m7.6%
Passo Gardena 1^ parte2.18 km173 m7.9%
Passo Gardena (da/from Plan de Gralba bv. Sella)5.75 km241 m4.2%
Strada Plan De Gralba Climb1.95 km138 m7.0%
Passo Gardena final section3.85 km123 m3.2%
Passo Gardena 3^ parte1.85 km114 m5.9%
Ss243 Climb1.41 km87 m6.2%
Passo Gardena da bivio Sella (last km)0.79 km52 m6.6%
Discesa P.Gardena-Corvara8.89 km-572 m-6.4%
Passo Gardena descent to Corvara8.75 km-574 m-6.6%
Passo Gardena DH8.67 km-591 m-6.8%
Gardena to Corvara8.83 km-568 m-6.4%
corvara-badia6.92 km-189 m-2.7%