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Yeovil Half Marathon

Running Route

21.44 km
202 m
Created By
Jody F

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Yeovil Half Marathon 201721.15 km-63 m-0.1%
Yeovil half marathon 201621.17 km-63 m-0.1%
YHM - Start to Montacute House12.50 km-48 m-0.0%
Coopers to Studios climb0.51 km12 m1.7%
Akash to Pen Mill Gate0.86 km25 m1.1%
Around Wyndham Hill1.65 km-22 m-0.1%
Pen Mill to Goldenstones1.80 km16 m0.8%
Sherborne Rd to Bunford Lane3.85 km20 m0.4%
Down we go 0.37 km0 m0.0%
Car park to Car Park0.85 km6 m0.6%
R4T Naked Mile Why not join us! See our FB page0.58 km3 m0.5%
Footbridge to Bridge (Ninesprings)0.42 km-5 m-1.1%
Sprint back to work1.70 km10 m0.6%
Goldies to last Poo bin1.78 km10 m0.5%
Darren's C25K lap0.16 km3 m0.7%
Final Ninesprings blast0.32 km1 m0.1%
Lysander Rd Poo bin sprint E>W0.41 km7 m1.4%
Bunfurd Airfield Stride0.59 km8 m1.1%
Bunford Ln Climb1.01 km47 m4.7%
Airfield Tavern to Boundary Way0.89 km8 m0.9%
Young at Heart0.73 km5 m0.4%
New Road Straight0.94 km-4 m-0.2%
New Rd to Monty field0.98 km-8 m-0.7%
Greensleeves to Woodhouse1.00 km-13 m-1.1%
Monty Field to Woodhouse0.46 km-8 m-1.7%
Woodhouse Lane to mid Lower Town1.24 km-10 m-0.8%
YHM - Montacute House to Finish8.66 km-58 m-0.1%
Thorne Lane East1.31 km28 m1.4%
Balls Hill to Western Ave3.00 km50 m1.4%
Ball's Hill Run0.58 km26 m4.3%
Balls Hill Climb East 0.31 km21 m6.7%
Thorne Lane - Lufton to Western Ave1.55 km22 m1.4%
Thorne Lane- Western Av to Larkhill0.78 km-7 m-0.8%
Thorne Lane New Road - Western Av to Larkhill0.80 km-7 m-0.7%
Larkhill The Easy Way1.37 km-34 m-1.8%
Thorne Lane to Huish2.20 km-51 m-1.9%
Lark Hill Sprint South0.19 km8 m4.1%
Preston Road to Huish0.88 km-17 m-1.9%
preston to beer0.88 km-19 m-2.2%
Beer run0.26 km-4 m-1.4%
Beer St. Blast0.22 km-3 m-1.5%
yeovil half sprint finish0.19 km-11 m-5.7%