2020 Good Dirt Ride 10 Mile Route (OFFICIAL)

Cycling Route

8.99 mi
484 ft
Created By
Mark W

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
MissionHills Sprint, N2S 1way (corrected)2.21 mi-167 ft-1.4%
Arroyo Vista Paved Bike Path gate to gate north to south1.23 mi-102 ft-1.5%
Arroyo Solano1.21 mi-98 ft-1.5%
Arroyo Trail0.71 mi-62 ft-1.7%
Tijeras Mini DH0.36 mi-95 ft-4.8%
Roadies Downhill1.39 mi-89 ft-1.0%
Trabuco Creek Forest0.62 mi-59 ft-1.8%
I do not like mountain lions!0.79 mi69 ft1.7%
Trabuco Creek from the Spur1.15 mi98 ft1.6%
Tijeras Climb to flats0.27 mi82 ft5.6%
Tijeras Climb0.13 mi72 ft9.6%
Tijeras Climb to the street 1.11 mi105 ft1.8%
Windy Flats - East1.34 mi105 ft1.4%
Tijeras to Mission Hills2.16 mi174 ft1.5%
Mission Hills Sprint1.94 mi161 ft1.5%
Super Secret RSM Roubaix1.30 mi115 ft1.4%
Arroyo Vista Bike Path South to North1.17 mi92 ft1.2%
Arroyo Vista paved exit0.88 mi72 ft1.5%
Aventura Close to Empressa0.38 mi46 ft2.0%