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MWCC Coast to Toast

Cycling Route

85.52 km
1,211 m
The legendary Saturday morning ride. Pace picks up through Newport, with the pace staying on until a regroup at Palm Beach. Drink refill there. Then some more hills and a hard pace through the Bends, before a steady climb up McCarrs and through Akuna Bay and then a brief regroup at Terrey Hills at the top of McCarrs. Before a strong pace back into Manly for the Toast at Market Lane Cafe.
Created By
Manly Warringah CC

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
DY to Church Point7.50 km28 m0.1%
Climb up to Long Reef Headland1.18 km27 m2.0%
Longreef pinch (southern side)0.58 km14 m2.5%
Long Reef to Narrabeen Bridge3.15 km-20 m-0.6%
Collaroy Beach sprint1.40 km-9 m-0.4%
Collaroy sprint0.66 km-7 m-1.0%
Collaroy to Wakehurst TT2.40 km-7 m-0.2%
Warriewood Hill Climb0.33 km26 m7.3%
MWCC Coast & Toast Full Gas11.21 km73 m0.1%
Bilgola Bends Climb1.88 km38 m2.0%
Decisive Move Hill0.32 km19 m5.9%
Newport Hill0.72 km43 m6.0%
Mona vale roundabout to Church point3.89 km26 m0.3%
3 muskateers TT1.01 km-4 m-0.4%
Bayview to McCarrs Climb Base6.82 km36 m0.0%
Loquat Valley Rd to Church Pt 50kmh sign1.93 km-16 m-0.1%
Loquat Valley KOM0.18 km10 m5.1%
Zeal Sprint for Glory1.57 km-11 m-0.6%
Slackers sprint to Church Point0.91 km0 m0.0%
mccarrs bottom section up3.12 km60 m0.1%
McCarrs 1st Ramp0.36 km18 m4.8%
Kennedy Park to West Head Rd4.45 km59 m0.9%
Mc Carrs Creek Rd Climb0.53 km-27 m-4.6%
McCarrs National Park to West Head Rd1.30 km38 m2.9%
Mc Carrs creek to west head1.29 km140 m10.8%
McCarrs Creek to San Martin1.45 km83 m5.5%
WH road steep section0.65 km45 m6.5%
Akuna (anti-clockwise) WH Box to MC Box12.68 km185 m0.8%
Akuna Bay East Descent2.97 km-134 m-4.5%
Akuna 20min test : Marina to Thai9.92 km210 m2.1%
Bobbo Classic KOM 20144.21 km120 m2.8%
Akuna Bridge to Illawong Box2.20 km22 m0.0%
Akuna (anti-clockwise) Box to Box5.56 km186 m3.3%
Santos Tour Down Under Challenge: Akuna Climb2.72 km141 m5.2%
Akuna bay steep section 1.21 km77 m6.4%
Akuna Full Anti Clock2.67 km144 m5.4%
Cottage Point gate to Top Box3.67 km46 m1.2%
Cottage turn to 'Sommet'1.18 km51 m4.3%
Akuna West - Top Half2.18 km-29 m-0.0%
Akuna Crest to TH Thai4.32 km54 m0.6%
McCarrs Ck to Thai @ Terry hills2.13 km39 m1.4%
Fire(Brigade) & Water(Tower)1.00 km38 m3.7%
You-long belt-ana0.31 km15 m4.7%
Last 70M McCarrs Haul Arse0.14 km4 m0.7%
Mona Vale Rd Tunnel to Forest Way2.09 km-17 m-0.3%
Hump before Forest 🐪 1.01 km18 m1.3%
F Way big ring1.60 km-40 m-1.4%
Covie climb (Forrest way Southbound)0.61 km28 m4.6%
South Ave Climb0.38 km86 m22.2%
SUVelo Sprint1.50 km-20 m-0.7%