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VTGF Gran 2016

Cycling Route

103.58 mi
10,495 ft
Created By
Todd Warnock

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
South 116 Road Climb0.28 mi364 ft24.4%
* NOTCH IT UP *0.68 mi236 ft6.5%
Gettin' DIRTY in GMSR2.51 mi-131 ft-1.0%
Up and at 'em0.10 mi79 ft13.9%
Baby Gap3.89 mi814 ft3.9%
GMSR - 116 to Finish9.39 mi1,614 ft3.3%
Baby Baby Gap1.30 mi351 ft5.1%
Quaker to App Gap Summit7.58 mi1,207 ft3.0%
Vermont 17 Climb0.42 mi269 ft12.2%
VTGF App Gap KOM - summit W to E2.70 mi1,165 ft8.1%
App Gap West lower slope0.99 mi279 ft5.2%
Appalachian Gap (West)2.67 mi1,155 ft8.2%
App Gap 1 mi @ 10%0.96 mi538 ft10.6%
App Gap descent to German Flats4.42 mi-1,391 ft-6.0%
App Gap Descent to Mad River1.34 mi-745 ft-10.5%
German Flats (short)2.89 mi636 ft4.2%
part of german flats loop2.31 mi354 ft2.7%
GMSR TT Climb (To Airport Rd)2.29 mi479 ft4.0%
GMSR TT - Start to the Dip5.30 mi492 ft0.9%
GMSR TT Course5.64 mi502 ft1.2%
GMSR Uphill (w/o start)1.61 mi394 ft4.6%
rocket2.33 mi482 ft3.9%
GMSR TT5.56 mi502 ft1.3%
GMSR TT - After 1st Climb to Finish4.16 mi253 ft0.0%
GMSR TT top to the dip2.41 mi-194 ft-1.4%
GMSR TT Downhill to Finish3.33 mi-246 ft-0.8%
Stupid TT Downhill2.90 mi-272 ft-1.0%
GMSR TT 1K2GO Kilometer of Doom0.74 mi131 ft1.3%
Moretown hole shot punch0.15 mi75 ft9.5%
Moretown Mountain Rd Climb2.52 mi965 ft7.2%
Upper Moretown Gap1.65 mi732 ft8.4%
Hill out of Depot0.49 mi92 ft2.4%
Roxbury Gap east3.60 mi1,378 ft7.2%
Roxbury Gap from Northfield Rd2.26 mi1,043 ft8.7%
Roxbury Mountain Rd Climb0.44 mi289 ft12.3%
OFD's Lincoln Gap for Dummies4.03 mi1,401 ft6.6%
Lincoln Gap - A1.51 mi377 ft4.7%
Lincoln Gap - east4.19 mi1,572 ft7.1%
Canadians Raid the Lincoln Gap4.12 mi1,437 ft6.6%
Lincoln Brook Road Climb0.60 mi318 ft9.9%
Lincoln Gap 9-15-20133.12 mi1,234 ft6.2%
Lincoln Gap - B1.46 mi1,060 ft13.7%
VTGF Lincoln Gap KOM1.37 mi1,060 ft14.6%
Lincoln Gap (High Grade 2 KM/1.4 M)1.31 mi974 ft14.1%
Lincoln Gap Top half HARD1.35 mi1,004 ft14.0%
Long Trail Climb0.34 mi276 ft15.1%
River road down3.22 mi-331 ft-2.0%
* OH YA *0.52 mi-141 ft-5.1%
* YANKEE 2 MILER *2.01 mi-79 ft-0.7%
* JUST CHARGE IT *0.92 mi138 ft2.8%