Past Two Weeks

OxEd3b Stan to Edinburgh

Cycling Route

201.06 km
3,216 m
Created By
Ollie C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Crawleyside Foot to Cattle Grid1.44 km132 m9.2%
CCC - 100 GCC No.59 Crawleyside Bank3.23 km230 m7.1%
Crawleyside & Meadows Edge7.36 km291 m3.8%
Crawleyside steep bit0.72 km93 m12.8%
Blanchland 20% gradient Climb2.84 km78 m1.7%
Park Bank0.60 km76 m12.4%
beat the bus!0.61 km14 m1.9%
Cemetery Road Drag2.02 km-10 m-0.2%
Biatch of a click0.08 km7 m7.9%
Houxty Wood Climb From Burn3.06 km77 m2.5%
Devil's Elbow to White Wall Nook1.36 km41 m3.0%
Leaplish turning to Kielder7.61 km-60 m-0.5%
Lambs Fry2.37 km-28 m-1.1%
Hyndlee Descent3.48 km-181 m-5.2%
Denholm / Hassendean Climb2.23 km57 m2.5%
Hassendean to Lillisleaf5.42 km72 m0.2%
leafy0.72 km10 m1.1%
Bowden burny!0.43 km8 m1.1%
Climb from junction2.11 km86 m4.1%
Larkspur Ct Climb2.35 km119 m5.0%
Big Wood drag2.95 km125 m4.1%
Brockhouses Wall0.42 km39 m9.2%
A7 heriot to pathhead turn3.24 km26 m0.4%
Heriot - Newton Toll11.92 km-171 m-1.2%
Heriot to Granites turn. TT check15.32 km-46 m-0.4%
A7 Tynehead road end to North Middleton 3.67 km-73 m-1.9%
a7 supaglide3.66 km-84 m-2.1%
Middleton to Bonnyrigg outskirts8.63 km-161 m-1.7%
Birkenside to Newtonloan2.89 km-40 m-1.4%
Gory Shank 0.59 km22 m3.4%
Cockpen Shorty0.40 km7 m1.2%
Dalhousie Burn to Bonnyrigg Toll North1.59 km26 m1.5%
Bonnyrigg traverse2.23 km30 m0.2%
Retreat to Bonnyrigg0.92 km25 m2.7%
High Street to Lasswade road0.73 km22 m2.2%
Laird to Lang Loan2.75 km79 m2.8%
Lasswade Road Northbound climb0.49 km25 m5.2%
Murrays downhill0.82 km-34 m-4.0%
Lang Loan to Liberton Brae2.96 km-75 m-2.5%
Traffic lights to Malbet Park0.82 km-5 m-0.2%
Kirk Brae Down0.82 km-44 m-5.3%
Wee climb next to King's Buildings0.55 km15 m2.0%
Braidburner0.30 km9 m2.5%
KB to West Savile Terrace Dash (downhill)0.52 km-10 m-1.8%
KB to Codfather1.81 km22 m0.2%
KB to Tesco Dash0.93 km-14 m-1.1%
West Savile to West Mayfield0.34 km4 m0.5%
Library Ahoy!0.63 km17 m2.8%
Tesco Dash0.31 km12 m3.8%
George IV Bridge In0.29 km6 m0.1%