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Route 9 : La Marmotte

Cycling Route

161.86 km
5,729 m
The itinerary of a famous cycling event (the official event takes place in July), but also a real challenge at every other moment during the Summer.
Created By
Auberge La Douce Montagne
June 18, 2014·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Col du Glandon26.13 km1,162 m4.4%
Sprint Across the Damn0.32 km16 m3.2%
After descent to 2nd lake6.41 km504 m7.9%
Glandon Part 26.74 km499 m7.4%
Solid Gradient6.45 km413 m6.2%
Top of Glandon0.21 km8 m2.4%
Demi-Glandon: Saint-Columban-des-Villards to Glandon10.55 km-776 m-7.4%
Descente Glandon par St Et de Cuines19.85 km-1,414 m-7.1%
Marmotte Glandon Descent19.48 km-1,410 m-7.2%
Fancy a good bumming sir?8.75 km-721 m-8.2%
Transition Maurienne22.76 km233 m0.9%
"Nice "marmotte dull flat Maurienne valley21.81 km241 m1.0%
Montée de la carrière Sens Ste Marie/St Jean0.60 km34 m5.7%
Galibier & Telegrapf from Pontamafrey52.45 km2,157 m4.1%
Galibier da Valloire28.18 km1,334 m4.7%
Col du Télégraphe12.11 km832 m6.8%
telegraphe+galibier34.97 km1,922 m5.5%
Galibier including Telegraph35.06 km1,906 m5.4%
Saint Michel de Maurienne-Galibier 2200m29.90 km1,428 m4.7%
St Michel - Croisement Valmeinier8.52 km646 m7.5%
Telegraphe + Galinier - bijna t eind32.06 km1,694 m5.3%
Telegraph - galibier34.53 km1,859 m5.4%
Embranchement Valmeinier --> Télégraphe2.98 km205 m6.9%
D902 Climb1.33 km84 m6.3%
Descente Télégraphe - Valloire5.04 km-156 m-3.0%
Discesa Telegraphe - Valloire4.58 km-139 m-3.0%
COL DU GALIBIER (from north)18.19 km1,227 m6.7%
Col du Galibier (Official Timtoo time trial / Valloire)18.29 km1,233 m6.6%
Valloire-Galibier 2439m (snow line Giro stage 15)15.52 km1,029 m6.6%
Valloire--La Charmette7.88 km441 m5.5%
Col du Galibier17.60 km1,200 m6.8%
[Salita] Valloire-Galibier, Segmento 1+2 (Ultima rotonda-Cartello del colle)17.80 km1,195 m6.7%
col du galibier17.22 km1,193 m6.9%
Valloire to Galibier Summit17.15 km1,222 m7.1%
Col du Galibier (départ Les Clots)16.56 km1,130 m6.6%
GALIBIER (SV)13.43 km1,023 m7.6%
Galibier dernier partie7.95 km646 m8.1%
stele Pantani galleria Galibier3.28 km241 m7.3%
* Col du Galibier (le dernier km après le tunnel)0.99 km86 m6.6%
Galibier - tunnel to summit0.92 km86 m9.3%
Hameau De Singuigneret Climb0.50 km138 m27.3%
Drop Edwards2.11 km-6 m-0.2%
Vierge De La Garde Climb2.24 km200 m8.9%
leg 2 alpe d'huez0.67 km54 m5.5%
Alpe d'Huez #2km0.97 km95 m9.7%
leg 5 alpr d'huez0.35 km48 m10.9%
Bend 14 to 130.75 km67 m8.8%
D211 B Climb2.30 km203 m8.8%
Bend 10 to 90.53 km47 m8.8%
Bend 4 to 30.83 km72 m8.6%