Tanasee Gap Loop

Cycling Route

35.13 mi
3,660 ft
Created By
Brad Campbell

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Harry Morgan Road Climb0.43 mi305 ft13.3%
215 N Part 13.45 mi492 ft2.7%
215 Cat 4 Climb1.86 mi443 ft4.5%
Parkway Climb0.42 mi272 ft12.2%
Monkey Killer0.51 mi144 ft5.3%
Tanasee Cr Rd Climb0.82 mi282 ft6.4%
Canada Rd Climb0.91 mi292 ft6.1%
North Carolina 281 Climb0.82 mi262 ft6.1%
Screamin' 281 D/H1.74 mi-840 ft-9.1%
HW 64 Rocket Ride 0.98 mi-427 ft-8.2%
Old Turnpike Rd W to E0.88 mi-105 ft-0.3%