Moonglu. CC Sunday Route

Cycling Route

63.22 mi
4,635 ft
Created By
Dave Fell Moonglu CC

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Park street bumpy blast0.21 mi13 ft0.2%
Bishopton Bridge to Studley Lane0.80 mi98 ft2.3%
Studley climb1.11 mi217 ft3.7%
RE Trg Camp Hill Reps-Zone 5 + Final Sprint0.54 mi98 ft3.4%
Fountains push 0.43 mi118 ft4.6%
Green Bank Wood Climb1.16 mi200 ft3.1%
Last chance saloon0.26 mi-85 ft-0.1%
Redwood Climb0.27 mi131 ft7.2%
Hebden Bank0.26 mi144 ft10.1%
Hebden Bank 150m0.09 mi82 ft16.9%
Downhill all the way1.55 mi-269 ft-2.8%
Fellbeck ascent0.86 mi210 ft4.6%
Straight up0.65 mi190 ft5.3%
Elbow Climb2.43 mi194 ft0.7%
Combs Ridge Sprint1.12 mi-138 ft-0.5%
Devils Elbow Eastward0.15 mi-33 ft-3.7%
Skell Gill Bank CCC0.37 mi69 ft2.0%
Drift lane descent3.23 mi-417 ft-2.4%
Dallow Moor Blast North1.74 mi-144 ft-1.4%
Drovers Descent1.99 mi-338 ft-3.2%
downhill mayhem1.31 mi-223 ft-3.1%
KM to Grewelthorpe0.87 mi79 ft1.7%
Hutts Ln Climb1.16 mi272 ft4.5%
Bendy bomb sesh0.61 mi-266 ft-8.1%
iton bank1.19 mi-253 ft-3.1%
Sykes Wood climb0.28 mi95 ft6.4%
Fish Farm to Swinton Castle1.96 mi-128 ft-0.8%
Little Focker0.28 mi79 ft4.4%
North Castle Walls1.31 mi-112 ft-1.6%
Swinton Road0.23 mi39 ft3.0%
Masham to Mucky Duck1.92 mi262 ft2.6%
Cote Lane - Healey junction to Ellingstring cross roads1.87 mi259 ft2.3%
Stark Bank Descent0.80 mi-364 ft-8.6%
Jervaulx to East Witton1.44 mi92 ft1.0%
Downhill to pub!!0.55 mi-98 ft-3.3%
spenni loop1.75 mi161 ft1.3%
Longdike descent4.10 mi-236 ft-0.8%
Not quite so bloody dangerous!0.49 mi-112 ft-4.3%
into snape0.58 mi-26 ft-0.8%
Dropping into Kirklington1.62 mi30 ft0.1%
Kirkligton hill sprint0.18 mi26 ft2.6%
St Michaels' Church, Kirklington to Lime Lane Junction (B6267)0.50 mi26 ft0.4%
kirk x roads to wath2.11 mi-36 ft-0.2%
Sprint to Wath0.80 mi-30 ft-0.6%
Main St -> A613.04 mi98 ft0.4%
Conyers Climb1.43 mi105 ft1.2%
Hutton Conyers0.52 mi102 ft3.6%
Hutton bank from junction0.48 mi59 ft1.6%
Red? thought so0.34 mi16 ft0.1%
up t'ill to city centre0.50 mi52 ft1.9%