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Wiggle Tour of the Peak route

Cycling Route

182.46 km
3,862 m
Created By
Greg H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Short blast0.23 km11 m4.5%
Highstone Ln1.09 km43 m3.2%
Cross/Flagg lane drop3.02 km-93 m-3.0%
TT Cafe sprint2.23 km-27 m-1.0%
The Rake - to the top2.23 km82 m3.6%
Long Rake to Slaneys Row6.42 km-176 m-2.5%
Wardlow -- from Ashord3.19 km158 m5.0%
Full Pingate Decent2.93 km-213 m-7.3%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No33 Winnats Pass1.71 km196 m11.5%
Winnats Pass Hill Climb1.45 km176 m12.1%
Winnats Pass0.95 km124 m12.9%
Winnats0.43 km83 m16.6%
Mam Nick Climb0.43 km42 m9.7%
Mam Tor to Hope11.01 km-282 m-2.5%
Blue Steel Gravity Race1.53 km-160 m-10.4%
Edale car park to cow muck bridge6.33 km-69 m-1.1%
Sprint to Hope4.82 km-67 m-1.4%
Inn to Cutthroat1.31 km52 m4.0%
Strines 2nd Climb0.95 km77 m7.2%
Nearly there..0.14 km27 m18.6%
The Vic to The Bay Horse2.59 km-66 m-2.2%
This segment may be hazardous0.63 km-41 m-6.5%
steady climb to holme moss5.50 km210 m3.8%
Church climb go fast if you dare, payback later!0.30 km22 m7.1%
Holme Moss4.68 km341 m7.3%
Millford to Wheat close0.51 km43 m8.4%
Holme to car park2.88 km219 m7.6%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No43 Holme Moss2.23 km212 m9.5%
Holme Moss Hill Climb2.18 km204 m9.3%
Holme Moss -3/4s of a mile to top1.30 km117 m8.7%
Holme Moss to Woodhead Descent4.31 km-273 m-6.3%
Little sprint0.14 km5 m1.5%
Rhodeswood Climb1.99 km69 m3.4%
Chunal Climb3.94 km180 m4.5%
Chunal top half1.93 km92 m4.7%
Out of Hayfield to Peep O'Day1.98 km124 m6.2%
whaley to macc12.95 km-212 m-0.2%
Macclesfield Rd full climb4.65 km170 m3.7%
Up the hairpin. Hit 15.2 or...0.85 km64 m7.5%
Black Brook to top of Blaze Hill1.20 km52 m4.1%
Rainow to Macc Downhill4.84 km-170 m-3.5%
Cat & Fiddle Hill Climb - Proper Version10.23 km333 m3.3%
Cat & Fiddle (Short)9.00 km228 m2.3%
A537 Climb2.30 km102 m4.4%
Fiddle Climb (Stage 5)1.15 km28 m0.9%
up to the cat0.99 km40 m4.0%
Fiddle Climb Stage 'END'0.41 km21 m5.1%
East from Cat & Fiddle to A535.02 km-139 m-2.8%
Cat And Fiddle DH2.36 km-122 m-5.2%
A53 Descent0.87 km-30 m-3.5%