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Most of the Tour De France Stage 1 Route + a bit extra

Cycling Route

216.92 km
2,981 m
Created By
Greg H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ride the Wigton Willy - The Full Length1.49 km-13 m-0.5%
Golden acre dash1.45 km-29 m-2.0%
PoplarsTo70mBeforePoolBankLightsALB2.33 km38 m1.4%
Pool Bank Race Track1.31 km-99 m-7.5%
Pool Road Thrash (East to West)3.60 km11 m0.2%
Pool to Otley 1 mile Sprint1.73 km-6 m-0.0%
Billhams Hill0.31 km8 m1.9%
weston lane corner hill sprint0.36 km11 m3.1%
power up the drag!0.46 km24 m5.3%
Throstle Nest Close climber 1.36 km32 m2.0%
Weston Lane Hill Sprint0.22 km21 m9.2%
East woods to Askwith2.25 km23 m0.9%
Faster!!!1.15 km19 m1.5%
Looong Askwith sprint 0.29 km8 m2.6%
Askwith SPRINT0.12 km3 m2.1%
in to askwith to out of askwith (from otley)1.50 km-26 m-1.3%
Askwith Ln to Denton Rd2.66 km-52 m-2.0%
Craven Heifer to Kilnsey Sign TT15.67 km57 m0.2%
Updale Sprint4.78 km-36 m-0.0%
Long ashes to Kettlewell7.83 km-77 m-0.1%
Long ashes to Cray16.79 km209 m1.1%
TdF 2014 Stage 1 - Kettlewell to Thwaite49.27 km376 m0.2%
Kettlewell to Buckden5.49 km28 m0.5%
Buckden to Cote De Cray3.17 km134 m4.2%
Buckden to the White Lion2.31 km78 m3.4%
Hawes to Thwaite via Buttertubs10.32 km297 m0.7%
hawes to reeth26.07 km-337 m-0.1%
EdY Leg345.94 km-426 m-0.2%
Buttertubs Pass South Side4.42 km287 m6.5%
Butter Tubs pain2.86 km192 m6.6%
Buttertubs Cattlegrid2.08 km141 m6.8%
Buttertubs from Hawes4.59 km259 m5.5%
Buttertubs Pass South Climb3.82 km250 m6.5%
Cliff Gate1.18 km-52 m-3.2%
Cliff Gate Road3.78 km-206 m-5.5%
Buttertubs Descent to Thwaite1.94 km-181 m-9.3%
Low Row to Reeth6.22 km-51 m-0.3%
Healaugh to Riddings Gate1.38 km31 m2.2%
Reeth0.59 km-42 m-6.9%
grinton moor road8.15 km234 m1.2%
TDF Grinton to Carrefour2.68 km178 m6.6%
Climb to Middleham0.59 km29 m5.0%
East Witton Church to Jervaulx Hall2.15 km-31 m-1.3%
long climb masham road3.62 km42 m1.1%
West Tanfield to Ripon8.09 km-18 m-0.1%
TDF 2014, Stage 1 run in15.59 km76 m0.4%
Le Rond-Point Sprint0.43 km-4 m-1.0%
Jenny Field Drive to Coppice Drive Climb0.42 km30 m7.0%
Harewood Drag1.49 km73 m4.7%
Slade Hill Uphill Sprint0.20 km15 m7.3%