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hills, cobbles, some more hills but cracking views!

Cycling Route

141.39 km
2,916 m
Created By
Greg H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ride the Wigton Willy - The Full Length1.49 km-13 m-0.5%
Alwoodley Lane uphill2.54 km25 m0.7%
Golden acre dash1.45 km-29 m-2.0%
Creskeld Lane/Old Lane Drag4.38 km168 m3.8%
Creskeld Lane1.76 km92 m5.1%
Breary Lane0.75 km22 m3.0%
old lane1.52 km41 m2.7%
The Hilton0.83 km26 m3.1%
Bramhope Old Ln West1.40 km16 m1.0%
York Gate West2.99 km-66 m-1.4%
York Gate Down to JCT600 2.73 km-127 m-4.3%
York Gate descent1.09 km-67 m-6.1%
Cutaway to Derry Hill Farm climb0.94 km49 m5.2%
Bingley Road exit Menston1.28 km57 m4.4%
Otley Rd Dicks to Heights Lane1.60 km-20 m-0.2%
mini rollercoaster0.25 km13 m5.1%
Otley road descent1.23 km-124 m-10.1%
Steeton Lights - Xhills Junction2.31 km-34 m-0.7%
Hospital Hill0.58 km11 m1.9%
Morrisons to Keighley Road1.67 km-35 m-1.9%
Cononly to Stockshott lane1.34 km66 m4.9%
Woodside Winder0.36 km45 m12.5%
West Rd climb5.72 km264 m4.5%
Moor Lane Climb (Just to Crossroads)2.39 km175 m7.3%
Climb to Mast2.76 km64 m2.2%
Short Sprint up Long Lane0.48 km25 m5.0%
Burnley Road Climb from Trawden0.89 km73 m8.2%
Thursden Valley Road Climb1.26 km115 m9.0%
Lead out 1.24 km-15 m-1.2%
Midgley Road Full - Bottom to Top1.57 km99 m6.3%
Stocks Lane to Trough Farm, Luddenden1.01 km135 m13.4%
Wainstalls - Oxenhope7.56 km-128 m-0.2%
Withens Rd Climb1.84 km85 m4.6%
Withens road top section2.72 km-32 m-1.0%
Nab Water Lane Descent 0.75 km-42 m-5.6%
Little kicker0.15 km11 m7.1%
Hill House Descent0.62 km-63 m-9.2%
How fast can you go?0.52 km-75 m-14.3%
Rockharden rd2.38 km-61 m-2.5%
Chevin Pub to York Gate1.55 km94 m6.0%
Chevin Top Climb1.06 km71 m6.7%
Moor Top to Harrogate Rd4.46 km71 m0.7%
Breary to Roundabout0.72 km-19 m-2.7%
kings road past quarry1.16 km27 m2.0%
White House Uphill Sprint0.55 km20 m3.5%
Last half mile0.84 km-11 m-1.3%
Alwoodley Lane - Bus Stop sprint2.07 km-23 m-0.7%
VSCC - Sprint for the bus stop0.27 km8 m2.9%
Wigton Lane 1.84 km14 m0.5%
Slaid Hill to Shadwell1.11 km-20 m-1.0%