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4.0 GS Henley Club ride

Cycling Route

71.28 km
652 m
Created By
Blackett Ditchburn

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Gravel Hill, Henley1.04 km48 m4.6%
Greys Green Climb0.42 km17 m3.1%
Highmoor B481 Northbound0.86 km12 m1.3%
Highmoor Bottom to Dogmore Summit1.25 km52 m4.1%
Stoke Row Climb To Just Before Petrol Station1.34 km51 m3.7%
Tight, like a Tiger0.88 km9 m0.2%
Kit Lane Climb1.03 km20 m1.8%
Scot's Grove to Nuffield A41304.24 km27 m0.5%
Morgans Wood to Nuffield2.19 km30 m0.8%
Fairway drag down0.77 km-4 m-0.4%
Gangsdown Hill descent1.10 km-51 m-4.7%
RAF Benson4.51 km-66 m-1.1%
Let's go, Let's go, LET'S GO!!0.18 km-1 m-0.7%
Pythagoras & The Crow2.47 km-36 m-1.0%
Beggarbush Sprint for home1.13 km-36 m-3.1%
The (un)Official LCCC Sprint Home1.04 km-15 m-1.4%
Escape from Berrick1.13 km22 m1.9%
Chalgrove Kicker0.41 km11 m2.6%
Spitfire charge2.24 km8 m0.1%
high speed sweepies0.29 km-2 m-0.5%
The Field of Dreams1.41 km2 m0.0%
LCCC Dash through the Haseleys4.15 km32 m0.8%
Climb out of Great Haseley0.89 km18 m1.0%
Milton Common to B40099.02 km50 m0.2%
Milton Common to Tetsworth3.49 km-31 m-0.6%
Light the Afterburners 1.30 km-29 m-2.0%
A40 toward Postcombe0.74 km24 m3.2%
Little rise to the stud0.21 km10 m4.7%
Postcombe to Lambert Arms1.83 km17 m0.9%
Aston Hill2.80 km128 m4.4%
Aston Hill to crest2.58 km115 m4.4%
Aston Hill Climb2.41 km103 m4.3%
Aston Hill to Sadlers Wood1.22 km-17 m-0.3%
BCC A40 to Xmas Common4.86 km26 m0.0%
Pea Brain Endurance Descent17.12 km-207 m-1.1%
Motorway to top of paremore OH6.85 km-29 m-0.2%
Kingston Blount Stokenchurch Climb0.90 km17 m1.1%
Christmas Common to Henley turning2.87 km-21 m-0.7%
Top fox to tree barn1.36 km-11 m-0.3%
Pishill Descent to Balham's Lane4.16 km-124 m-3.0%
Stonor steep descent2.38 km-93 m-3.9%
Fast as you can to Henley5.09 km-49 m-0.9%
Pricey's challenge - Quince Tree to Henley6.46 km-54 m-0.8%
The Quince Tree to the Middle Assendon sign2.60 km-24 m-0.9%
Assendon Sprint (to white gates)1.32 km-12 m-0.4%
PBE sprint finish (Golden Ball to white gates)0.31 km-2 m-0.8%
Fair Mile (SE)1.81 km-15 m-0.8%
Fairmile Sprint (to 30 mph signs)0.44 km-3 m-0.8%
'Speed Camera sign to Speed Camera' Sprint0.20 km-10 m-4.0%
Kings Road Roundabout Ramp0.22 km6 m2.7%