Veloccino Thursday Thirty at Five Thirty

Cycling Route

32.12 mi
2,552 ft
Created By
Marc L
August 18, 2016·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Tanyard1.42 mi253 ft1.9%
Tanyard Rd climb northbound0.76 mi246 ft6.0%
Tanyard NB Climb 20150.72 mi253 ft6.6%
Tanyard climb to NB summit TXM0.69 mi243 ft6.6%
Yeoho0.90 mi144 ft2.5%
Yeoho Climb from Belfast TXM0.45 mi141 ft5.9%
Cold Bottom to York2.75 mi177 ft-0.8%
Cold Bottom - creek bridge to York2.02 mi121 ft-0.0%
Cold Bottom Sprint to York Road0.49 mi112 ft3.6%
Piney Hill Rd.Hereford Rd. to Monkton Rd1.77 mi108 ft-0.1%
Piney Hill Rd.Hereford Rd. to Monkton Rd1.72 mi108 ft-0.0%
Corbett Rd - Falls to Carroll TXM1.08 mi203 ft3.6%
Markoe going North1.09 mi26 ft-0.4%
hutchins mill southbound2.37 mi89 ft0.1%
The Wall0.23 mi82 ft5.9%
Corbett Rd -Old York to Carroll1.72 mi161 ft-1.4%
WNW Carroll Road1.03 mi69 ft-0.7%
Glencoe Road1.77 mi240 ft-2.1%
wnw glencoe punchy climb0.30 mi66 ft3.6%
Oldfields Descent0.97 mi213 ft-4.2%
Side bar #30.55 mi16 ft0.6%
Lower Glencoe Climb0.37 mi49 ft2.1%
Lower Glencoe Hill Sprint0.16 mi39 ft4.6%
WNW Belfast Under 830.43 mi85 ft3.6%
Lil Kick0.25 mi62 ft4.6%
Priceville SB to Meeting House0.90 mi89 ft-0.1%
Priceville Road1.34 mi92 ft-0.3%
This Little Guy0.14 mi56 ft7.4%
WNW Thornton Mill to Cuba2.21 mi92 ft-0.1%
Gerber Ln - WB Wheeler to W.Run TXM0.75 mi52 ft-1.4%
Western Run (Gerber Ln. to Cuba Rd.)1.05 mi46 ft0.5%